Susan was SO nice to invite me, my mom, dad, and girls to her bay house for the weekend. I love going to the bay there.  It's just so simple and wonderful.  It's beautiful in so many ways.  The kids roam free and ride bikes and make plays.  We take walks, and golf cart rides, and enjoy good food and drink.  Everyone is happy.  My parents LOVED it too.  (It's impossible not to love).  It was the perfect farewell weekend for us and I'm just so greatful she included us.    

RVA time

I got up at 4:00 a.m. to catch the plane from LA to RVA.   I slept from the time I sat on the plane until one hour before it landed.  When I awoke I spoke to my seat mate the rest of the way.   I always think I am just going to ignore my seat mate...and then I always have good conversation with them and can't ignore them!   Anyway, when I got off the plane I started walking towards baggage claim hazily in my own world.   In the far distance I saw a bunch of kids holding flags and I thought, "Awww...where is the military service person close by?"  I even glanced around to see if I saw anyone.  As I got closer, I realized I knew those kids!  They were some of my bestie's kids jumping up and down and cheering!   I then thought, "Wow! I wonder who Hudson and Reid and Peyton and Ann Harper know in the military and what a coincidence they are here when I am here?!!!"   And then as quickly as that thought fleeted by, I realized, "Wait, they are here for me!&…