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Weekend at Leluevia

Last weekend was probably one of my most favorite weekends since we've arrived in Fiji.  It's definitely in the top five.   After hearing a lot about our friend's favorite resort, and after many unsuccessful attempts at booking, we finally made it to  Leleuvia !    I am so glad we finally went because it was beautiful.  It reminded me of the magical island of Cumberland, where we used to do our yearly camping trips, ..not because we were hard core camping, dirty, and staying in a tent....but there was just something so mystical about being there...just like I felt at Cumberland.   When a place has that much beauty and sweet charm, it almost gives me the chills.  It makes me take about 1000 pictures just to capture that feeling - which the pictures never quite do.   We took a boat out on Friday evening from outside of Suva and arrived at Leleuvia 45 minutes later.  While it rained the whole weekend in Suva (shocker!) it was beautiful there.   The food was tasty, the dri