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Mama Rut

We’ve had some prep time for this.  We knew it was coming.  It is still a blow.   It still hurts.   It’s still hard to be far away.   Bonnie’s mom/Pamela Rutledge/ Ms. Rutledge/Mama Rut/Nona died peacefully yesterday.  Her family surrounded her as she became free of her body that pained her for so long.  She is now at rest.   Mama Rut was my best friend’s mom.  She embodied so many of the qualities I aspire to in life.  She may be the kindest person I’ve ever met.   From the time I’ve known her when I was in my awkward early teen years through adulthood, she treated me as if I was one of her own.   She made me feel welcome and a part of her family.   After my wedding, she secretly went and scooped up the sand that Warren and I stood upon.  She put it in a jar with the dried flowers from the day, and presented us with the most thoughtful gift we could imagine.    She always thought of others’ before herself. I don’t know many people who are truly selfless, but she was one.   S

Week in pictures

It's been a normal week of life here.   Warren was out of town for a few days, I worked a few days, had a few play dates, did some grocery shopping/cooking.   I tried to take pictures of normal life to just get some snapshots of daily living.  I missed a lot but here's what I got.... Tomorrow is full of Easter hunts, tea parties, and birthday parties - so I'm sure I'll have more to add tomorrow. Lots of pretty sunsets this week Took Holly to the vet this week.  She's doing great for 14 years old! Post swimming races Happy Birthday Fardeen!  I've noticed at a few birthday parties that everyone takes a bite of the same piece of cake before passing out individual pieces.  Happy St. Patty's Day! Tricia rocked her green sparkly shoes from her junior prom! Went to see Moonlight.  sooo good!   Lots of lego play this week.  Andie just earned this small lego as a homework reward.   3 hours a week of dance for Andie

Reset button

As soon as I get off the boat at Leleuvia, a wave of peace and relaxation washes over my body.  There is something magical about that place.   When we make reservations I'm always super annoyed because it is over-priced for the accommodation and the food, but when I get there.... I remember why I always come back.   It reminds me of why I love living here in Fiji.  I love that our kids run around un-witnessed, active from dawn to dusk.  I love the peace and serenity.  I love paddle-boarding and kayaking and swimming among the marine life.  I love playing bocce ball and watching the sunset with friends.  I love the moon shadows as we venture out on the sandbar in the middle of the South Pacific to bask in the moonlight.  It's not perfect, but it's close.   I am so thankful. on the way over Kids playing on dock while adults sit on beach watching sunset Dab during sunset.  Happy kids. Happy adults writing the last blog entry while enjoying the scener