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Fruit, CPR, and dancing

It's been a slow week.  Warren was out of town all week so it was just the girls and me.   It actually flowed quite smoothly.  I guess as the girls have gotten older, things have gotten easier.  I've had all sorts of thoughts on our life here lately.....  I thought I'd blog all about it, but instead I'm sitting here half watching Gilmore Girls (I'm addicted) and need to get in the shower so I can go to a meeting of mostly American women here in Fiji who are feeling the need for solidarity and action given the current state of American politics.      In short - I'm in a hurry, feel guilty I haven't posted for a I'll just post some pictures of the week.   The girls have been obsessed with our local fruit this week.   Yay for bananas, passion fruit, papayas and watermelon.   Nature's dessert! They have also been into "Go Noodle," a great app that gets them dancing/moving or calming down before bed.   I to

The week

This has been a slow week.   Warren has had to work a lot and the girls and I have been busy with school, homework, after school activities, and play-dates.  All in all - a fairly normal week in the Passin household - so be forewarned on the boring blog.   Still....I did snap a few photos this week and I'll share just to keep the grandparents updated!    The girls had a play-date with two adorable sisters each in the same grade as my girls.   Hard to believe the "twins" above are the same age.  Zoe is so tall! I wonder what they will find with their snorkel gear in the pool?  (Still so grateful for our pool.  It's used nearly every day!) On Valentine's Day, Andie made some homemade muffins and Zoe made cards.  I think this is the first year they got really into doing things for others for the day instead of either ignoring the day completely, or expecting gifts.   I do love that here there is no pressure for valentines, parties, etc.  It

Peace Corps Party

Yesterday we had all of the Peace Corps staff to our house for a very belated holiday/successful completion of training party.   It was so much fun!  I love the culture of music and laughter here.   Even though I couldn't understand what more than half of the laughter was all about (everyone speaking in Fijian), the laughter was contagious!  All of the Fijians I know have this incredible, high pitched infectious laugh!   Also, JC brought his guitar and everyone sang all day throughout the cava drinking.   It was beautiful!   I think I smiled all day long.   The evening finished with another beautiful Suva sunset.  Yesterday was definitely a day I felt so grateful for the life we live here. cava