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Eating, Drinking, Socializing in RVA part 1

Last Tuesday we left for Richmond at the crack of dawn, actually well before dawn.  We decided to drive from Atlanta to Richmond.  The eight hour drive went very smoothly, but it definitely wasn't like driving in New Zealand!   We stopped at Cracker Barrel and reminisced about the time ZoĆ« asked if Cracker Barrel was Disney Land when she was three.   Anyway, we finally got to RVA and everyone was elated!   We had a lovely evening decorating the Christmas tree and checking out the very fancy, huge, overwhelming, kinda awesome grocery store - Wegmen's.   It was so nice to decorate the Christmas tree at home.  The girls liked unwrapping all of the gifts even more than they liked hanging them on the tree.    The whole night felt cozy and warm and full of love. Wednesday we ran a few Christmas errands and met up with Bonnie and crew for a lunch and playground date before Uncle Adam got in town.   I love that my kids have all of these friends stateside (kids of my b