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Fumigation Location

Our house has wood eating ants.  We told the landlord before we left for our trip to the states so they were supposed to fumigate while we were gone.   It didn't happen.  So....they asked us to be gone for 24 hours so they could fumigate- they would pay for the hotel.  Instead of staying in town, we opted to stay at a cheaper, better option at the beach in Pacific  Harbour.  Warren was already there for work (COS conference) so it was easy to meet him there.   If you are kicked out of your house for fumigating, this was an awesome alternative!   I love this little resort, the Uprising.     It's a perfect night getaway.   When we got there, we all had a swim in the ocean, a dip in the pool, then a good local dinner.  The next morning, we took a long walk on the beach collecting sand dollars and got in another ocean swim before the rain settled in.  It was a nice family vacation - one of the things I love about here is the time the four of us get to spend together.  

The Results

Good news!  I am getting ready to go to boot camp! I can exercise again!   I'm thrilled.   The short end of it- my heart is ok . The cardiologist here told me that the pain absolutely didn't come from my heart! He thinks it was musco-skeletal or something like that.  Basically a cramp in my chest with pain that radiated.   It could be nerve related as well.   The ECG, blood tests, ultra sound of my legs, resting eco-cardiogram, and the stress eco-cardio gram completely ruled out my heart and/or a blood clot as the cause!!!  I'm completely relieved.  Some people wonder about trusting the doctors here, but I mostly do and I definitely trust the test results.   I had so many tests to investigate, and nothing came back to my heart. Yesterday, I met the cardiologist and my wonderful embassy nurse at the public hospital which has a new cardiology clinic with updated equipment/machines.   I was there for 3 hours!  First the doctor and I talked for a long time and he did a genera

My heart

I was feeling jet-lagged and a little off all of last week.  It's amazing what the long trip does to your body! (well, my body anyway).  On Thursday I debated going to bootcamp because I was still sore from my bootcamp on Tuesday and I had the half marathon to run on Saturday.   I went ahead anyway.  45 minutes into class, we were doing ice skaters and all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my chest.   I told Tricia that I thought I had heart burn or something similiar and she advised me to get a sip of water.  I looked at my water bottle and thought there was no way I could bend over.  The pain was paralyzing.  She handed me my water and the pain partially subsided. I walked outside and for the next ten minutes I felt chest pains on and off.  The pains were sharp and strong.  I felt like my clothes were too tight and I was I was feeling emotional.  I kept telling myself, "I am fine.  This is nothing.  I will be ok."   The pain radiated into the back of my sh

Happy 8th birthday Andie

Dear Andie,    Wow!  You are 8!  It's crazy that you are 8 years old this year.  You seem so much older lately.  I am not sure if it is your grown up teeth, your desire to dress older now, your ever increasing height, your new interest in boys, or if you just seem more mature lately....but when I think about where you were last year compared to this year, you've grown so much.   You are so full of life!    This year you are in year 2 with Ms. Kathryn.   You like school, but you don't love it.  You love the social aspect of it.  You love morning tea and recess.  You love to see your friends.  You don't so much love the work part of it.  Even though you are a good reader, you really don't like to read.  You love to be read to however.   You have a curious mind, so you are always asking questions in class and offering your own opinions as well.  (This year Mommy spent 10 weeks teaching Stop, Think, Do in your classroom, so I've been able to learn more abo

Final days in the States

We are back safe in Fiji.  I am trying to keep my completely sleep deprived body awake at least until it gets dark.  The struggle is real!  I'm exhausted, but we are safe!  We've been traveling for what seems like forever, but really only for about 55 hours including layovers, drives, etc.  I'm happy to be home.  It was hard to leave, but also so nice to come back.  The kids are now playing with Warren (wrestle parties and pool parties) while I unpack, write, and clean up.   Our view still takes my breath away.  It does something so good for the soul to be surrounded in this beauty. After my conference, I had two full days in Richmond.  The first day (Tuesdsay) Kathleen and I took our girls to Chuckie Cheese, since mine have been begging to go.  As annoying as that place can be, it's fun to see such joy on their faces.  I absolutely LOVE seeing my girls with Kathleen's girls.  They rarely see each other, but they love each other so much!  I loved getting to kn

Another leg of the adventure

I am sitting on the plane to New Orleans.  I am so excited!  I have the awesome opportunity to attend the American School Counselors Association conference.  My school sponsored me to attend and I feel so happy!  I've had ZERO opportunities to sit down and actually write about our going ons in America!  I have to say I've been so happy/content/peaceful here even though we've been busy.  It wasn't until the terrible news yesterday of the police shootings and following riots that I just felt fed up and ready to get back to Fiji.   I am even a little nervous heading to New Orleans....just because I know riots can happen and there are guns everywhere.   But.....I digress and truly the trip has been SO positive...I shouldn't start in on the violence note to start with--- it is just weighing so heavily on my heart. The last I wrote we were in Duck, NC for the family trip.   I love that place.  The town of Duck reminds me of an old fashioned beach town with modern amen