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Camp, Chilli, and Rain forests

What a week!   Andie went to camp on WEndesday so there were just three of us at home.   We really felt the lack of her presence.   She has such a dynamic personality that when she’s gone it’s really felt.    I was hoping that Zoe would really miss her and hug her goodbye tearfully like I saw some other siblings doing, but Zoe seemed fine.    I think she was happy to see her when she got home, but there were no grand gestures.   I hope that doesn’t mean I’m doing something wrong as a mum.   I’ve always hoped they’d be close, but I cannot hang everything on that.    They have their moments.   Andie got back from camp on Friday.    She had a blast. I love that she had camp on the beach.   What a life.    She came back a complete zombie from barely sleeping, but she was smiling.   All she wanted to do was to veg out on the sofa watching tv the whole day when she returned, but Warren had entered the embassy’s chilli cook off, so we all ventured over to the embassy in a HUGE downpour