Friends, beach, swimming events, and a murder at the disco

What a week!  I've been so busy with work this week, but every spare moment I've had I've been doing everything I can to soak in this place.   I've still been quite weepy about leaving.   I've decided to make photo albums for the girls so their friends can sign it before we leave.  Putting together the photo albums has made me so nostalgic.  I've been working on it when I really should have been doing other things, but I can't help myself.  This week I read through a lot of literature on living in Tana and even met up with some friends who used to live there.  Parts of me get excited, but I am also scared.  I know life there will be hard.   I know it will be very different.  Sometimes I find myself wondering why in the world we are leaving....but I know in my gut we are meant to go there.   I've always known since it became an option, but my mind is crazy questioning my gut lately. 

We've been with a lot of friends this week.   We went to the beach for the day last weekend and Andie competed in a swim competition yesterday where she scored two of her personal best.  We had a gathering at our place on Friday night - a murder mystery disco dinner party.  It was FUN!   It was so fun to add a murder mystery twist to a costume party.   It took a lot of prep work but it was SO worth it.   I want to go to one of these every month now!   Warren looked SO good.  Check out pics below. 

Oh, and....... MY PARENTS ARE COMING!  YAY!   We are so excited!    I cannot wait to show them our favorite place, Leleuvia (if they get the bathrooms done in time) and just to spend some time with them here.   We are going to Australia soon and when we get back, they will be waiting for us in our home!!  Can't wait!

Leaving the girls with these two before a date night feels so good.

Rainy Saturday Mexican Train kinda day

low lying cloud

Sunday trip up the road

strong girl

my people

Z zonked out on way home and sweet Andie stroking her back

home to a beautiful sunset

This is a fake roach that Zoë put on my pillow before bed.  She got me. 

bus ride to school

my kids swim laps in this pool for over an hour.  impressive

After picking up mail from embassy found this sticker "Received in Damaged Condition" on my shirt just like that.  (Came from one of the packages).  We all got a laugh.  

So amazed watching this girl read.   Crazy how they grow up so quickly. 
Every night I fall asleep with Zoë just for a little while.  Sweetest part of the day. 

Sunrise run.  Sky on fire

Andie in girls' group.   Love I can witness this at school

We went to an International Women's Day event.  They had different stations set up.  Andie asked if she could paint and I could tell the adult thought she would just paint a picture, but Andie busted this out.  So proud of my little feminist. 

nice crowd for performance

They hung up Andie's pic

On my calendar I have these beautiful friends represented for Women's Day.  They inspire me!

prep for murder mystery dinner-  (this took me way too long)

stop for coconuts on way home from work

Let the party begin!

Announcement of the murder

These two were very suspcious

I kept using a sad face all night- maybe because it was my "husband" who was murdered!

We were the ones who guessed the murderer! Best detectives in the house!

This pic cracks me up!

Soul Train in the background

Next day at swim meet.  LOVED watching these two!

Andie has the most beautiful, unabashed laugh

Mama and daughter

Kids had to get in on the fun the next day too