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10 year anniversary trip

 As I mentioned before, Warren and I had our 10 year anniversary last Thursday so we went away for the weekend to  Toberua Island Resort , a private, beautiful island not too far from Suva.  It was AMAZING!   It was just so good to get away just the two of us, sans children, friends, daily life.   We have been away together since the children were born (only a few times) but it has always been for a business trip or wedding or to visit friends.   This time it was all about us with no purpose except relaxing.  It was EXACTLY everything I dreamed it would be!!!  The location was perfect.  Toberua Island is a small island with beautiful scenery, good food, and really nice bures.   We ate, read, snorkeled, slept, talked, paddle boarded ....basically just relaxed. It would not have been possible without our good friends, Wendy and Lach.  They watched the kids for us all weekend and even took them with them to Leluevia!  We all actually rode out on Lach's boat to the resorts on Sa

A Fiji type of day

Warren and I went away this weekend for our 10 year anni.  I will do  a post very soon about that.  We traveled back into town this morning...which made for a unique day compared to my days in the states.   First, we woke up to a beautiful sunrise on the ocean.  I took an outdoor shower while looking at the ocean and then spent an hour or so lounging and reading with amazing scenery.  Then, we got on a boat which took us through the river system that has a whole different type of scenery.  We arrived at the loading area and took a cab back to Suva.  The ride was slow, long, and full of windy roads.   Green scenery surrounded us throughout the trip.  As soon as we got home, Warren changed for work and I took him in.  I returned home to find the pool boy waiting to be let in to treat the pool.  When he finished, I went to the material shop to look for 11 meters of a material that my whole family would look good in for our sulu jabas.    I brought it to the tailor....  a sweet, elderly In

10 years

Ten years ago, yesterday (or today depending on where you are reading this) on October 22, 2005 Warren and I got married.   It feels like just yesterday at times and other times it feels like a life time ago.  One consistent feeling is how fortunate I am to have him as my husband.   I cannot image this life with anyone else.  His values, his sense of humor, his dedication and devotion; his easy -going style and adventurous spirit are all exactly what I need in my life.  It's not to say that marriage isn't hard work...because it definitely isn't all easy breezy...  but I am glad I'm working on it with him. Yesterday I woke up to an awesome photo book present while listening to a fun love song mix he made.  He is still romantic after all this time!  The book made me beam from ear to ear...just like I did on the day we married.  I wrote him a letter, similar to the ones I write the kids each year.   After I wrote the letter, I was so excited about him and forgot about al