Fiji Day, a mountain climb, and some acting

Well once again it's been too long since I've sat down to write.  I am feeling so busy lately.  I am not sure where the time goes but I always feel like I am in a hurry to get things done.  It's funny how even when you are not working full-time, life just seems full.  

This last week has been good.  Last Friday was Fiji Day at all workplaces and Saturday was Fiji day for the whole country (a celebration of Fiji's independence).   I happened to be at the embassy on Friday so the nurses could help me change the dressing on my finger (more on that later) and came at the right time because the local staff made a huge assortment of Fijian local food for morning tea.  I simply meant to pop in and out but ended up being glad I stayed for the yummy food, the beautiful singing of the anthem, and a bit of history regarding Fiji's independence.  That night the Australian High Commission hosted their monthly bar night so we got to celebrate a little more with all of our Aussie friends.   Good times.   

On Saturday morning a group of friends climbed Mt. Korobaba for Fiji Day.  It was spectacular.  It was a really challenging hike with an amazing summit.   It was steep and slippery and felt SO good to reach the top!  I LOVED it!  I love being outdoors and challenging myself on this sort of thing.  Going down was more difficult for me because I am such a baby about falling....but it was still good regardless.   I thoroughly enjoyed the hike, the company, and the awesome scenery.   This hike will become much more regular in my time here.  

Like I mentioned, for a lot of the hike I was worried about falling...mostly because I was so nervous I would jam up my finger again.   I am still being a huge baby about it all.   It has been a week and it's so much better...but still hurts when I bump it.   I cannot imagine if I lived in chronic pain.  I am sure Warren is so sick of listening to me whinge about my one little finger that hurts...(but truly it really did/does hurt!).  I feel like if I had any sort of serious illness I would just want to drop out of society. 

Well, I did feel like that until I talked to my mom today.   My mom fell last Thursday.  She had to go to the ER.  She has badly sprained her ankle, broke her hand, and has some cuts and bruises.   She is taking it so well.  I talked to her for an hour today and I cannot believe how positive she is being.  She just kept reminding me (and herself) how much worse it could have been.   I am so glad I talked to her...because it has helped me re-adjust my attitude a bit.  This is just my finger.  It really could be SO SO SO much worse.  No one ever feels better by wallowing in their own misery.  Look how much better it looks below! 

Ok, I know it looks like nothing!  (It did hurt worse than it looks....but, HEY IT COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH WORSE!)

The rest of my week has been filled with normal going-ons....   Dance practice, nit-picking, swim practice, work, a 10 mile run, brunch with friends, a lost tooth...and acting class.  

silly selfies at swimming 

Andie lost a tooth last night.  She stole my heart when she wrote this note to the tooth fairy completely un-prompted.  In case you cannot read it " Tooth fairy, all my sister's life she wanted too one of your presents.  Can you bring her one?"  FYI, Andie got $2 and the tooth fairy gave into her kind request and left Zoë $1.  They were both thrilled. 

I've decided to try out acting class for something different in my life.  I am not sure why I am drawn to it, but I just thought it could be fun.  It has been fun....and different...and challenging.   I never had any idea how hard acting is.  I have a new mad respect for actors.   Each class we spend the first hour warming up and the second hour on our monologues.  This class will end with a production for friends and family where we perform our monologues.  I've not decided yet whether I will invite people to it.  It's pretty nerve-wracking thinking about it...but kind of exciting too.   I've loved/hated putting myself out there to try something completely new.  I am turning 40 in a couple of weeks and as I get older, I want to keep myself young by trying out new things....challenging myself to stretch beyond my comfort zone.  Thanks to Matt Young Company for the awesome opportunity.   

Here we are doing some vocal warm up exercises