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The Final Countdown... Dragons too :)

In my mind I knew we weren't leaving anytime soon because I still had boxes to tick - the biggest one being we still had guests coming in town.  The Drydens were coming for a week and I have been so excited about it and our departure didn't feel real until after they came anyway.   Well, they've come and left - so now it's real.  They couldn't have fit in better to our Fijian life - with our friends, the lifestyle, etc. so having them here felt like home - just like I knew it would.    It was tied in with so many lasts....but that was ok.    Michael, Shirean, and Reid flew in Friday morning.  They didn't have too much time to adjust because minutes after we saw them we swished them away in the car to hop on the boat to Leleuvia - without any stops inbetween.   Everyone was thrilled to be reuinted.  I cannot imagine how they felt after 48 hours of travel to be hopping on a very ROUGH boat ride, but they are good like that - super flexible.  As noted, our