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So, we have news.   Pretty big news.   It's weird to write it out because it makes it so real.   I don't know that I'm ready for it to be real yet, but I'm already on this roller coaster and there is no stopping it now.   I may be nervous, but in the end, my bet is it will be worth it.  (I hope). In July of this year, we will be leaving Fiji.    We will be leaving a place that has been so amazingly positive for our family in every way.   Fiji has become a part of our hearts and a major piece of the girls' childhood.   But, this adventure has a time limit and while we could be here and happy for a long time, we could also have an extra adventure.  We can also enrich our lives even further and possibly fall in love with another part of the world.    In August we will move to Madagascar.    Just writing this makes my heart skip a beat with excitement and my stomach drop with sadness.   Such mixed feelings.   Who know's what's ahead?  I do know that

Back in the swing of things....

We've gotten back into the groove of things this week.   Warren and I are back to work, the kids are in their third day of school and we've resumed normal activities.  The only remnants of our trip is our pale skin and the way I keep turning on the windshield wipers instead of the turning signal.   We've gone from one extreme temperature to the next, but I will not complain.    I'm appreciative of the warmth, even if I'm sweating 90% of the day.    I'm even more appreciative of life here after the little vacay.   I love our view.  I love the school.  I love our house and just basically our lifestyle.   The kids have been nervous to start the school year, but all seem to be settling in ok.   This pic a day challenge thing I'm doing for 2018 has me taking a lot more daily regular pictures, so I'm getting some more aspects of everyday life.    back to work team activity spent 1.5 hours at the car wash when it was supposed to take 30 m