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It has been a whirlwind getting here!  It is hard to believe that I am sitting in my living room in Fiji.   On one side of me I can see palm trees, our pool, and lush green mountains.  On the other side of me I see the bright blue sky, brilliant green palms, and the beautiful coast line.  The whole thing feels completely surreal. Leaving Atlanta was incredibly difficult.  We have such a good thing going there.  I love the girls' schools.  I loved my job.  I loved our friends who were ultimately our family away from family.   My last few months there felt like a dream... I became numb about leaving because it was hard to feel sad all of the time.   All of my emotions were just below the surface waiting to bust out..but never quite there..until the passport drama.  The passport drama is too much to go into in this initial blog post, but it will be a good story for another time.  In short, I was a wreck leaving Atlanta but ready to see Warren again. We spent a w