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Family bed

Sometimes it's annoying that the kids climb into our bed at night.  Sometimes it's fun.    

Merry Christmas to all!

We found a Santa!!!!   We actually found two.  I went into town on Christmas Eve.  It was just as crazy as Richmond, Virginia is on Christmas Eve. I couldn't find parking, got stuck in traffic, waited in lines....but I finally got the Santa shot!  We found the first Santa in front of Proud's and then as we were cutting through MHCC, we saw the second Santa.  Yay- my picture book is complete this year! Afterwards, we went to Wendy's house and had a moment that will stand out in my memory of this Christmas.  The kids wanted to go sing Christmas carols with them at church...but it was getting late and we had to eat instead Wendy played the piano and we all sang in her living room.  The kids danced and all laughed.   Impromptu Christmas memories are the best! We had a nice meal on Christmas eve just our family.   Warren and I stayed up crazy late on Christmas Eve wrapping everyone's gifts for the kids.   We had fun.....just the two of us.  It's kind of

They came...they saw...they'll be back... (on Wednesday!!!)

It has been very long awaited, but Tom, Allison, Darcy, and Dalton finally came!!!!  They arrived last Wednesday, December 16 after 17 hours on a plane, an 8 hour layover, and a 4 hour cab ride.   Everyone was overjoyed when they got here!   I was super nervous about the weather...but it turned out the weather was perfect the whole time they were here...(odd for Suva).  I was also super nervous about their visit.... I am not sure why, but I couldn't even sleep.  I knew things would be wonderful when were all together and I knew our friendship was super strong - but I just felt a lot of pressure to make an excellent vacation for our good friends.  I know how much money and time it takes to get here, so I just wanted it to be perfect.   As soon as they got here on Wednesday, I stopped worrying.   I will give a run down of our itinerary complimented by a few stories and pictures.      Wednesday Troxwell-Capellos arrive around 10:30 a.m.   Cheers!   We hung out all day out