Rainforest bravery

Me, Mere, and the girls went to Colo-i-Suva again today.  As always, it was a good time.  I was so proud of Andie from start to finish.  When we got there, there was a little puppy so skinny.....you could see every rib.  Andie's heart broke and she immediately said, "Mama, hand me the bread."  She ran out of the car with the bread when some boys started chasing the puppy, throwing rocks at the dog as they went.   Andie screamed at them,"Stop that!  She's just a puppy!  Leave her alone!!!"  These boys were probably 11 or 12, but she didn't even bat an eye.  She stood up for the dog and had no fear with these "big boys".   They sort of laughed at her, but stopped chasing the dog.   She spent a while looking for the puppy and was finally able to give it a nice piece of bread.

Then, towards the end of the hike, she swung on the rope swing like a champion.  She had absolutely no fear (even though I did).   She swung over and over again.    Love these proud moments!

sweet girls

Andie makes friends with locals everywhere we go.  
swinging out there!

waiting for rope


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