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Epic Weekend- Mana Island Swim

I am still smiling from my weekend.  It was special in a lot of ways.    Liz, Margot, and I went to Mana Island for the Mana Island Ocean swim.  (Survivor friends- this is where Survivor was filmed).   We left Friday morning at the crack of dawn and made our way for the three hour drive to Nadi.  It flew by.   We chatted the whole ride there to meet Rakesh, our boat transfer man at the McDonalds.  We parked our car at his house,  rode with him to the beach and paid for our boat transfer in a little office (desk on the sand) on the beach.  One hour and one very bumpy boat ride later, we arrived at Mana.  It is breathtakingly beautiful there.         Luckily I was with two amazingly assertive women who make sure we get what we pay for/deserve.  Margot worked it until we got a free room upgrade from the heat pit we were originally assigned.  Six hours later our bags got to our room.  It didn't matter though because we had the most lovely afternoon sitting on the beach taking in t

Goodbyes and Celebrations

As I mentioned previously, we had to say goodbye to Holly this week.  It was incredibly hard.  Even though we knew she was old and the time would come, it was still hard.   She added so much joy into our lives.   People often said we were so kind to take in such an elderly pet, but in truth she brought so much to our family.   We were lucky to have her for the year that we did and I miss her.   Not to long ago, we found a tumor on Holly and it got to the point where it was now affecting her ability to use her back legs.  She was dragging her legs behind her as she tried to move from place to place.   In the end, we were carrying her everywhere.  Once she lost that ability to walk, she also seemed to have lost her spunk.  She no longer wagged her tail.   She no longer came to the door to greet us.   She didn't have a spark in her eye anymore.  I took her to the vet last Tuesday, and the vet told me it was time.   She didn't need to suffer anymore.   I brought her home f