Wonderful wedding in the west!

We were honored to be invited to Renee and William's wedding in the garden of the sleeping giant in Nadi this weekend.   It was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful family weekend trip.  

We had to pull over along the side of the road for a pee break.  Not a bad place to pull over!

Zoë loves my hat.... Stopped at Eco-cafe for lunch on the way to the west

Tough girl

love the swing at eco!

We stopped at Tambua Sands for the night so we could eat at Cocomo Cafe- best food in Fiji!

I got new Brikenstocks flip flops! They only had bright yellow but I love having beach shoes that don't hurt my feet!
What better place to play soccer??

Here is our  first dish at cocomo cafe.  yummo!

We were the only people in the restaurant

Good morning from Tambua Sands!

Love catching these moments!

We stayed at Toka Toka on Saturday night.  The kids had a great 30 minute swim before we had to get ready for the wedding

After a mad rush to get ready on time, we finally made it to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant for Renee and William's wedding.    I cannot imagine a more lovely place for a wedding.  It was soooo beautiful!   Everything about this wedding was gorgeous!  They perfected the mix of the two cultures and ended up with a wonderful night.   Thanks again for including us Renee and William!

The girls loved their hair and long dresses

kalavata everywhere!

Chilled Bu's after the wedding.  Perfect drink 😎

My man in his sulu!

Renee thought of everything!  Kids tables at wedding with activity books and loads of lollies! 

I didn't get pictures of all the performances, but there were many and they were great! The speeches were awesome too.   Also, Nem and Talei (favorite band) played and everyone couldn't help but dance!

cheesy, but I love it!

The next day the kids went to Big Bula with Warren.  I went to get a massage but snuck in at the end to pick them up.   They had an AMAZING day according to them!

After a three hour drive home, Warren and I enjoyed a drink while we watched our beautiful sunset show in the back yard.   Love this place.  I think we will never live somewhere again with a view like this.    Soaking it all in.....