The week in photos

This week I was challenged to take seven black and white photos of my life without people nor explanation.  I ended up taking more than the seven posted on Facebook - so here they are with a little explanation this time.   I love the artistic quality of black and white and it was fun to pick photos here without us front and center.  

The Papaya tree in our backyard.  It's getting tall so quickly that I can barely reach the pawpaws anymore!

Palm tree from back yard

Our compost pile.  Ew.  I hate going to this and having to swat away the bugs before I dump in the compost for the day. 

Our counter top.   We don't refrigerate eggs here and the eggs here are the BEST I've ever had!

Night out at Sushi Train - kids' fave

backyard view - cannot get enough of this

US Embassy.  Half-mast flag for Las Vegas mass shooting victims

The market where I buy all of our fruit and veggies

Empty coconut that Zoë just devoured and her little barefoot sneaking into the background

A gecko with random things on our counter top.   I see more than 10 geckos a day in our house and hear them chirping nightly. 

Traffic.  The traffic seems to have picked up lately.  Not a fan. 


Making cake for Mere's teachers

Mangroves on the seawall.  Pass these every time I go running.

A friendly praying mantis who paid us a visit at dance class

My view when I work on the computer.