My dancer

Last night Andie was in her third dance performance with USP's dance program, Oceana.   As per usual, there was total chaos before the show and leading up to it.   We got the full list of costumes (6 of them) on Sunday needed for a Monday dress rehearsal.  The seamstress making one of the costumes didn't arrive with the dresses until one hour before show time.  The show started one hour late, despite the kids being told to be there for the last three and a half hours.   It was on the first day of school so the kids were exhausted and it didn't end until close to 10pm!   Before each number it was apparently chaotic which resulted in Andie and several of her friends missing one of their performances completely.  Andie was devastated.  BUT......... it was all worth it.  It was an amazing show. 

I LOVE seeing these kids work so hard and then get on stage and pull it all together!  I am in awe of their amazing skills, talent, dedication, and bravery.   The choreography is beautiful and the children are even more so.   It is truly a night to be remembered.   The show ALWAYS comes together in the end! 

My heart is bursting with pride for Andie.   It's been a long road to get her ready for her dances.   I watch her practice and I get frustrated with her complete lack of focus and while at times her playfulness is such a gift, during dance instruction it doesn't help.   I have to remind myself that she's only 9 and Andie is just Andie.  She is who she is.  She is beautiful - I love that she has no fear, that she lives in the moment, and loves to connect with others.   

She was in six different short dances, but I'm most proud of her duet with her teacher Josie.  I'm not sure why she picked for this duet, but I'm so pleased she was chosen.   It is such a source of pride for her (and me).  She had to really focus to learn the choreography and then she had to practice her heart out to get it right.  She put forth a lot of effort.   She met with her teacher, Josie many times and danced with focus (mostly) for the full hour they practiced over the two weeks leading up to the performance.  Josie was so patient and believed in her and Andie could feel that.  It was only a short piece, but it meant the world to Andie.  She got to prove to herself and others that she is a good dancer - that she can focus - and that with hard work and dedication comes success.  

I watched Andie on stage for all of her pieces, and while she may not be on beat every time - she's got such grace about her.   The song that she and Josie danced to was about adults adding too much pressure to kids.   Kids are still growing and changing and still "working on their masterpiece."  One day when Andie was practicing it, I choked up and had to blink back my tears because I think she was meant for this one.   She's a unique, outside the box child, and she's still learning.  She's still working on her masterpiece.  And, that's ok.   

She's my ravishing, divine little girl and I cannot wait to see what she accomplishes in life.  

Again, despite the chaos, I'm so grateful to Oceana Dance for knowing Andie, challenging her, and for supporting her dreams.

Before the show

Andie's solo

The Duet!

Kaji, Level 1 and 2 dance to Moana



Hopefully next week I'll be able to get the Hip Hop dance on video as that's the one she missed but hopefully will perform again next Friday.

I'm a dork and think it's funny we parked next to this sign on the grass.  It was really the only place to park...