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Random mix of news

A lot of little things happen that I don't usually find the time to sit down and blog about....but here are a few. Phone:  Actually, this is kind of big for me.  I have decided to stop using my phone while I drive.  I had gotten really terrible at using the phone all of the time while I drive.  It was to the point that if I didn't have my phone in my lap or in my hand as I drove, I felt like something was missing.  I use What's App to keep in touch with my besties at home and I used it ALL of the time when I drove.  I even got pulled over a few weeks ago for talking on the phone and almost got a $100 ticket. I am embarrassed to admit,  it didn't change my behavior.   I just put down the phone when I saw police officers near by.  One of my best friend's inspired me to put an end to my dangerous behavior.   She sent me this clip ( ).  It still gives me chills.   Also, I sometimes follow the blog Momastery  (Random aside- the author of t

Comedy of Errors

After a great weekend consisting of a quiz night, a ladies' recipe club dinner, a kid birthday party, and a friend's barbecue, we decided to take the family hiking yesterday.   When we got to the start of the trail, we realized that Zoe had accidentally brought along Andie's left shoe and her own left shoe instead of her own right and left shoe.   Poor kid had two left shoes to wear throughout the hike.   It would not be comfortable, but walking barefoot on the very rocky trail would be worse.   Right before we set out, we realized the keys were accidentally locked in the car.    The other set of car keys were locked in our house.   The house keys were also locked in the car.   We tried (unsuccessfully) to break into the car.   We tried calling several lock smiths.  No one was available or no one could get out to us in the  middle of the rain forest.  In the midst of looking, someone accidentally knocked Warren's full cup of coffee off the top of the car, creating a sti

7th Birthday

Dear Andie,     I truly cannot believe you are now 7 years old.  Seven!  It seems so old!   Seven is like the real deal kid longer a little kid...but just a kid now.  Where has  the time gone?   You are growing into the coolest, unique human being.  You are so comfortable being you and I never see you trying to be anyone other than your self.  I love that about you.      It has been a huge year for you.  This year we moved to Fiji.   When we told you about the move, you were excited about the adventure, but you also cried a bit too, knowing it would hurt to leave Atlanta.   You have a good understanding of your emotions and you are able to articulate them in ways that many adults cannot even do.  You told me that while it was exciting to move to a fun, new place that a part of you felt sad too.  You said that you had two feelings at the same time.  ( Exactly.  I did too Andie!  I still do!)   You were six when you told me that.  In my experience, most six year

Andie's birthday party photos

I am still working on my letter to Andie, but in the mean is a photo run down on her party (and a few from their dance performance the night before).   The party was a success.  Kids swam, danced, played, hit pinatas, and bounced in a bouncy house.  Adults enjoyed the scenery, drinks, food, and good company.  Everyone was happy...especially Andie! Right before their dance performance cotton candy post Vou Dance studio's performance Bed Head birthday morning opening of presents!  Birthday party fun Andie had a "Save the Earth" themed birthday party so we made dirt cake and earth cupcakes.   Relaxing with friends post party