Prayers and Well Wishes

I've mentioned before that the hardest thing about being here is being away from family and friends.  This distance feels even further when one of those friends or family members is struggling with any sort of issue.    This weekend I got some news about family and best friends.  

First of all, for those who don't dad underwent chemotherapy for appendix cancer a year and a half ago.    It was a tough fight....but at the end of it all he was cancer free!   It was tough for me to be in Atlanta at the time...but I knew I could fly home at any moment if need be.  Since he's been cancer-free he has been getting CT scans every 6 months just to keep a watchful eye on things.   Every time he's been clear.  Clear is what we were getting used to!   Yesterday, they found a spot on his intestines.  Right now, it's just a small spot that wasn't there before.   It could be scar tissue.  It could be a small tumor.  We are all obviously praying/hoping/thinking good thoughts that it is simply scar tissue.  He's always had a lot of scar tissue growth after surgeries, so it's not unlikely.   On Wednesday  he meets with a surgeon to discuss surgery to remove the spot and afterwards we will know more.   I am not feeling overly worried....because why worry?   We just need to wait until we hear more.   I think I get this positive attitude from my Dad....    See his email below to his friends letting him know the news.    If you are reading....please join us in these well wishes and hope for some scar tissue people!

I follow a regimented and prescribed monitoring procedure to be vigilant in keeping a close watch on my recovery and the dormant status of my, hopefully successful, battle with appendix cancer.

Today I got the results from the cat scan I get every 6 months.  They discovered a new and growing spot at the site of the intestinal surgery that took place two years ago.  It is a small spot, but it was not detectable on the cat scan which they did 6 months ago.  It could be a new tumor. It could be scar tissue.  Only surgery can make that call.  I have an appointment with my surgeon next Wednesday.

Regardless of what the surgery finds, there is every reason to be optimistic since this is early detection and repair/removal of the spot is very feasible.

Not good news. Not necessarily bad news.  Just the way it is and we must react appropriately.

Please send some good thoughts; I may need your emotional support again.  I guess I need that support even if only to help me cope with my mean spirited imagination.

I choose to deal with this using optimism.
I choose not to punish myself with worry.
 I choose to be strengthened by my memories of the support of family and friends demonstrated in the past. 
I choose to renew my gratitude for life’s many blessings.
I choose to interrupt my day by going fishing this afternoon.

Life is good and I believe it will just keep getting better.  Speed bumps build character.

This is just another opportunity to build character and count my blessings.

Thanks for letting me share this information with you.

Also, one of my best friend's(Bonnie's)  Mom....who has also been like a mother to me and all of our currently fighting thyroid cancer.   Mama Rut (as she often calls herself) is the most amazing woman.  I have so many fond memories of growing up with Pam Rutledge.   She always made the best hot chocolate in snow storms, woke us up with banana pancakes during sleepovers, and taught us that the way to keep your man happy is through his tummy.  (Sorry Mama Rut...didn't exactly make that come to fruition).  She did teach me the trick of frying onions right before your hubby gets home so that the house smells delicious and he thinks you've been cooking all day long!   She also was the mom who you just always knew loved you.  She's always been excited to see me, gives me the most sincere hugs and never misses a life event with a card.   She has the kindest heart of anyone I know and is not only a great role model as a mother....but is also a phenomenal grandmother.  

Last December she got news of the thyroid cancer.  She had an invasive surgery to remove the cancer which has left her voice box feeling tight and constricted.  She underwent iodine radiation for months with hopes that all the cancer would be gone at the end.   Recently, they found more tumors.   She has to undergo a surgery where they will break her breast plate to get it all out.   They do believe they can get it out and at the time look to see if any more spread.  From there, they will decide the next course of action.   Again, obviously this wasn't the news the Rutledge family was hoping for.   But...if anyone can keep a wishful heart and positive attitude, it's this family.  Pam is SO positive and her attitude has helped her fight this cancer and will continue to do so.  I wish I could be there to hug Bonnie....and maybe dance with her too....just to distract ourselves from all this cancer crap.   I cannot be there instead, I'll just write about it and ask that if you keep our parents in your thoughts and prayers.    I truly believe that will help too.