Comedy of Errors

After a great weekend consisting of a quiz night, a ladies' recipe club dinner, a kid birthday party, and a friend's barbecue, we decided to take the family hiking yesterday.   When we got to the start of the trail, we realized that Zoe had accidentally brought along Andie's left shoe and her own left shoe instead of her own right and left shoe.   Poor kid had two left shoes to wear throughout the hike.   It would not be comfortable, but walking barefoot on the very rocky trail would be worse.   Right before we set out, we realized the keys were accidentally locked in the car.    The other set of car keys were locked in our house.   The house keys were also locked in the car.   We tried (unsuccessfully) to break into the car.   We tried calling several lock smiths.  No one was available or no one could get out to us in the  middle of the rain forest.  In the midst of looking, someone accidentally knocked Warren's full cup of coffee off the top of the car, creating a sticky, smelly mess down the side of the car.   It was almost funny at this point.  Finally, we found a locksmith who would meet us at the house to help us break in there.   Our friend, Dave, and I decided we would go ahead and take the girls on the hike while Warren got a cab to meet the locksmith at the house.    One of the forest rangers had called Warren a cab, but the cab never came.  He actually turned down a ride to the main road because of the cab that was supposed to arrive....   It turned out he ran the 15 minutes to the main road and was able to catch a cab there.

Once he finally arrived home, after a lot of trials and tribulations...he got into the house.   He drove Dave's car (which was at our house) back to the trail to meet us as we finished.  In the mean time, my phone had died so we had no idea what the plan was.  We were all relieved to see him when we finished the hike.   We all got into our cars, feeling relieved to actually sit in the car and make the journey home.   Uh-Oh.  Dave's car wouldn't start.  We tried and tried and tried, but it wouldn't turn.   This had happened a few times before to him, but never for this long.   We worked on it for a while then decided maybe we should let it sit for a while.  We drove to the restaurant close by, enjoyed some good Fijian food, then nervously drove back down the crazy gravel road to Dave's lonely car.   Dave sat in the car, turned the keys, and....IT WORKED!  

Finally, we all headed home.   Between the two left shoes, the spilled coffee, the locked keys in car and house, the missing cab, and a car that wouldn't start..... it still turned out to be a fun day.  Another adventure in Fiji!