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Andie's blog

Andie has decided to follow in her mama's footsteps and start a blog!   She's a natural.  She's already posted twice.  My baby is growing up.  Check it out!

Last day and transition home

It has been a long week full of joyful reunions, painful transitions, sleeplessness, jet-lag, dance rehearsals and performances, and school/work!   I am thankful for the weekend that has just arrived!   On our last day in NoVa, I went on a run with Kate (nice to do before sitting for hours and hours on a plane) and then she took the kids to an Easter egg hunt.   They also performed a creative play for us, we visited Target, and Andie and Anne got hair cuts!  What a productive last day in the USA!   It was so hard to say goodbye (once again) and I had to remind myself why we love Fiji and our lives here to help make the distance seem ok.   Again,  I'm amazed at the chemistry between the cousins - it's really so good.    All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go.... Easter egg hunt! Aunt Kate and cousin Anne play Bows pampered at the hair cuttery new hairdos!!! What pretty hair from the back too

Stateside adventure part 2

After a fabulous week in Richmond, the girls and I came to Northern Virginia to spend the week with Warren's mom, Anne, his sister and brother-in-law, Kate and Fred, and the famous cousins- Anne and Colin!   The kids were so excited to see each other!  I'm writing this as the week is coming to an end, and Wow- I'm amazed at the relationship between these cousins.  They have this incredible bond - they get along so well.   They truly love each other and pick up right where they left off, even if it was a year before.  I am SO happy that we were together all week.    Saturday My parents drove the girls and I to Anne's house.  We all shared lunch together and the cousins played/laughed non-stop.   Then..... we went to Yael's mom's house! YAY!   Yael and her gorgeous family were in town for one day, just enough time for her to invite loved one's over for a Seder dinner for Passover.  I'm crazy happy we were here for it!   We had a beautiful dinner whi