Stateside adventure part 2

After a fabulous week in Richmond, the girls and I came to Northern Virginia to spend the week with Warren's mom, Anne, his sister and brother-in-law, Kate and Fred, and the famous cousins- Anne and Colin!   The kids were so excited to see each other!  I'm writing this as the week is coming to an end, and Wow- I'm amazed at the relationship between these cousins.  They have this incredible bond - they get along so well.   They truly love each other and pick up right where they left off, even if it was a year before.  I am SO happy that we were together all week.   

My parents drove the girls and I to Anne's house.  We all shared lunch together and the cousins played/laughed non-stop.   Then..... we went to Yael's mom's house! YAY!   Yael and her gorgeous family were in town for one day, just enough time for her to invite loved one's over for a Seder dinner for Passover.  I'm crazy happy we were here for it!   We had a beautiful dinner while the kids ran around.  I finally got to meet Tobias, her youngest son and get some much needed catch up time with one of my best friends in the world.   I love her so much....which is always re-affirmed every time I see her, not to mention that my kids barely know her, but LOVE her too!  It was a great night-

twin power- Thanks Aunt Kate

"Ah, this is the life!"

Seder plates

Kids enjoying their Seder dinner as well

Andie got to read at the dinner as well.

Matzah find!


On Sunday we went to an awesome school playground (so jealous), Panera, and Ria's for dessert.  Then Kate and Fred took kids to mini-golf and did some roller-blading and baking at home.   Kids were quite happy.   We wended the evening with a cousin sleepover.   Happy, happy kids.  


More happy kids- we went to Six Flags!  The kids had a blast!   Adults were exhausted, but it was worth it! Again, I'm realizing the older I get the less I can handle roller-coasters.   I never thought it would happen to me!

Andie and ZoĆ« went on this ride by themselves.  So brave!

We went to Ocean City, Maryland for three days mid-week.  Anne grew up going there so there were a lot of memories for her there.  It was a perfect time to go.  While I am not used to being cold on the beach, there was a certain charm to being the only ones on a typically crowded beach with our hoodies on.  The boardwalk was great to run on and even better to get boardwalk food on. The hotel was awesome - indoor pool and all!   I am so thankful our family got to be a part of the Ocean City memories - maybe next time Warren can be a part of it too.  We did miss him a lot.

remains of crab dinner.  omg. good. 

Today Bebe drove up for a short visit just to say goodbye one more time.   She spent six hours in the car for 2 hours with her girls, but I think she thinks it was worth it.   Saying goodbye to her was harder this time.  I know it's so hard for everyone to be away....and I truly feel badly about it.   We love our family so much and we love life in Fiji.  If only we could all be closer.   It hurts.

After Bebe left, we went to another awesome playground, followed by the best dinner yet at Lebanese Taverna.  I LOVE that place.   We ate so much I couldn't walk afterwards- always a remorseful feeling - but it was worth it, I think. The kids had yet another performance followed by a cousin sleepover.  Now I am up WAY too late writing this blog with the irrational mindset that maybe if I'm really tired tomorrow, I'll sleep better on the plane tomorrow night.   Ugh- thinking about the plane ride...... Ugh. 

Anyway, more on that and our final day for the next entry.  Good night!

ice cream truck line