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Wedding, weekend getaway, and Fiji epidemic

It's been a full week!  The kids' holiday started off with the Indian wedding ceremony last Thursday night.  I think all of the staff at my school got invited to this wedding, but I am guessing more went for the bigger events on Friday and Saturday.  Thursday night was a simple ceremony honoring the groom to be, Dasha.   I am so glad we went to support him and so glad we got to experience it!  I really wish we could have attended the wedding! The girls and I had a ton of fun dressing up.   I kept feeling like I'd be overdressed, but I wasn't at all.  All of the women looked beautiful!  (The men on the other hand didn't look like they tried at all!  They were in regular clothes you'd see them wear around town, except Dasha did look very nice.)   I ended up choosing the black one (Thank you Venaat!!!!!!) because it was the most comfortable, albeit a bit hot.   When you wear these dresses, you also have to wear pants to cover any leg you may have i

Week in pictures

It has been a good week best captured in pictures. Happy Easter!  The embassy and American Women's Association held it's annual Easter egg hunt on Saturday.  The kids loved it despite the crazy heat. chocolate face! confetti eggs Golden egg! The hunt is on! Kids ready to go! Andie performed at morning assembly along with the rest of her class.  Love the music component of this school! Ok, well this really happened last week, but Warren's new country director started at Peace Corps Fiji two weeks ago!  The welcome ceremony was beautiful as always! Lots of birthday parties lately.   Awesome face painting at this one! Maybe it was good the eye makeup was bothering may have her hold off on makeup for a bit. This was the view outside of my window last night while I was doing this...... Nit picking!   By the way,....this is the perfect nit picking comb.  Nit free comb - the terminator.  Best there is.. Mo