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Visitors, Triathlons, Athletics, Teeth, and the THE NATIONAL HOLIDAY!!!

Andie hung out with this crew all morning! Mere's back to visit for the week.   She actually just left on Wednesday.  It was great to have her here again and we are all looking forward to her next visit.  It's so nice to have her here.  We sort of lived life regularly while she was here, except for the FUN national holiday which I'll get to in this post. On Friday, Warren and I went to see the Australian Navy band at the Holiday Inn and then went out dancing afterwards.  It was so much fun!  On Saturday we stayed inside all day due to the NON-STOP rain (for past two weeks).   We went to an 11 year old co-ed birthday party Saturday night which involved a lot of glow sticks, dancing, and disco balls. be 11 again.  (J/K......  fun to watch....not to re-live).   I think Mere was a bit overwhelmed by all of it!     Sunday morning I somehow thought it would be a good idea to do a triathlon after not being on a bike for two years or swimming for probabl

Go Fiji GO....Toso Viti Toso! (and other things)

I wrote this last week and finally just getting pics in..... It's been too long since I wrote.   I don't want to get so behind on writing that I leave out some details (as this is pretty much my journal of our time here and I imagine myself or the girls one day looking back at all of these blog entries and fondly remembering the details..).  The most obvious and HUGE thing to write about is Fiji wining their first Olympic gold!!!!!!!!!!!!   The Fiji sevens rugby team won the a GOLD medal last Friday.     The country is going wild!   There are so many incredible things about this.  I watched the game at school/work.  I cannot imagine a better place to watch.  The kids were out of their minds excited.   There were flags everywhere amidst the HUGE amount of support. Teachers and children at ISS are from all over the world, but on Friday they were all proud Fijians, united in support for their team!  The match was a blow-out.   That team is AMAZING!  They are truly the world'

Olympics and Fun Day

As everyone knows, the Olympics are everywhere right now! It's so amazing!!!!   BUT.....  they are not on in our  house, much to my dismay.  Well, that's not 100% accurate, we have sort of been able to see some of it.... but we cannot watch it the way I want to.... non-stop in the background, with special interest stories about all of the best athletes.  We don't have a tv.  We have one, but no channels.  We typically just stream things from our computer, which has NEVER been a problem until now.  I have tried streaming through and BBC (which is weird for me because it focuses on all of the British athletes) but everything is SOOOO slow.  It pauses a million times.  I am definitely not watching things real time, so I already know who wins....but it's PAINFUL to get through one event with how many times the video stops or just goes out completely.    Today, it was a little bit better than yesterday, but again...just watching clips...nothing continuously.

Tooth fairy

Since I last wrote, I feel much more settled into the routine of life back home (Fiji).   We had dinner with friends last Saturday, had a lazy day with play-dates on Sunday and back to the regular work week on Monday.  Actually, it wasn't so regular as I found myself at a resort with my friends for Liz's birthday.   I decided not to bring along the kids, so I had a lovely Monday evening on the beach celebrating one of my favorite people!   We spent Tuesday on the beach and eating my favorite pizza at the Eco-Cafe before heading home to meet the kids on the bus.  What a nice little escape! Today I went to the dentist.  The dreaded dentist.  As I mentioned before, I was supposed to have over $800 USD of work done on my teeth.   I was DREADING my fillings.   Well, the dentist here took a look at the xrays and the treatment report and said that he doesn't think its a good idea to compromise the tooth right now.   He said if I brush my teeth super well every day it could be ju