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What a weekend!

What a weekend!   On Thursday Andie and Zoe had a dress rehearsal for their big dance show on Friday night.  At school they also had their big Halloween party.  They had to make a choice between the dress rehearsal and the huge Halloween party where they get loads of candy.  It was so hard, but we all ended up choosing the rehearsal.   I am so proud of them for not whining about it and understanding the importance of prepping for their big performance.  It was a tough decision.   This dance performance was no joke!  There were 5 costume changes for their 5 dance routines which meant pulling together 10 costumes for me.  Talk about pressure!  I wanted to make sure every detail was covered!   Also, they've been practicing three times a week for the past 10 weeks and choreographed their own solos.   I really think I am not cut out to be a dance mom.  All of the little details and costumes and routines and make-up stressed me out!  I had dance dreams.   That's just crazy.   


We have a friend here who's daughter just gave up her pacifier at 4.5 years old.   She just made the decision on her own and gave them up.   Her mom told me that they tried to get her to give it up when she was around 2 and 1/2 but the pediatrician told them it was horrible to do that to their daughter who was going through some transition at the time.   Of course, I immediately thought back to Andie and her complete and utter dependence/addiction to the pacifier. Andie used to twirl two pacifiers in her hand and keep one in her mouth.   She was dependent on them for sleeping and went to them anytime she felt needy.   I felt a lot of paci shame from other parents and my own insecurities, and felt like when she was about 2 and 1/2 that it was time to give them up.  I started by having her only use them in bed, then we cut the ends so she couldn't get that suction.  Nothing really worked.  So.....we used the Paci fairy trick.  Poor Andie.  She had no foresight into the future

Happy 11th anni!

Warren and I were so lucky to get away to celebrate our 11th anniversary this past weekend.  Wendy and Lach watched the girls for us so we could celebrate sans kids.   It was lovely.  We went to  Matanivusi Resort .   This is essentially a surfer's eco/boutique resort but it caters to everyone, surfers and non-surfers alike.   There are 12 bures there directly on the water.   There are two yoga classes daily (in a beautiful studio looking over the ocean and rain-forest) and endless water activities, all included.   The first day we got there, we had a yummy lunch overlooking the ocean then went snorkeling.  We got in the boat for what I thought would be a short ride, but the guys took Warren and I out for at least 20 minutes to the COOLEST reef.  It is one of the most gorgeous ones I've seen here... such bright colors!  At first I was nervous because we were basically in the middle of the ocean, but once I got in the water I was amazed at the beauty and the fear dissipated a li

3rd debate and countdown on!

Fun way to watch the debate.   Not long until we know! I'm so ready to be over with this election!!!


This is my 200th post!   It's hard to believe I've blogged 200 times about life here.  Thanks everyone (all few of you!) who have read along with me! This post is just a random catch up of sorts ....things that haven't fit in anywhere else. We escaped to Pacific Harbour for the day last weekend.   Nice respite from rainy Suva! We saw a huge blue marlin get brought in while we were there.  So cool!  Watched the debates with friends on Fiji Day.   Glad someone here has CNN! Check out these tough girls on their way to dance! Check out the fashion models (don't know why they are white) here.  All in their sulus! I think they look manly! athletic skirts! Also, we went to Warren's colleagues 4 year old daughter's birthday party the other night.  It was really nice....and went really late for a school night!  When we arrived, a pastor was there to say a blessing and then we immediately got into a beautiful three layer cake.  The hos