This is my 200th post!   It's hard to believe I've blogged 200 times about life here.  Thanks everyone (all few of you!) who have read along with me!

This post is just a random catch up of sorts ....things that haven't fit in anywhere else.

We escaped to Pacific Harbour for the day last weekend.   Nice respite from rainy Suva!

We saw a huge blue marlin get brought in while we were there.  So cool! 

Watched the debates with friends on Fiji Day.   Glad someone here has CNN!

Check out these tough girls on their way to dance!

Check out the fashion models (don't know why they are white) here.  All in their sulus! I think they look manly!

athletic skirts!
Also, we went to Warren's colleagues 4 year old daughter's birthday party the other night.  It was really nice....and went really late for a school night!  When we arrived, a pastor was there to say a blessing and then we immediately got into a beautiful three layer cake.  The hostess cut each of us three pieces of cake!  I thought it was all we would be having, but I was wrong.  She also poured everyone a huge glass of Coke.  My girls are not allowed to have Coke, but of course once she brought it out already poured, I couldn't object.  Zoe's eyes were like saucers as she gulped it down.  As soon as she finished, someone poured her another glass!    

After we ate cake, she opened our present and then we ate a HUGE feast!  It was SO SO delicious!   The family is Fijian of Indian decent, so man.....they made some great food!  As always here, I felt funny because we sat at the table while everyone else sat on the floor and the hostess didn't eat at all.  She just kept generously refilling our plates.   We had roti, chicken, lamb, peas, rice, potato salad, carrot salad.....on and on.   I ate until my stomach ached.   By 9:00 I felt rude, but I said we really had to go for our children's sake.   She was so sweet and said, "No, no...you cannot leave yet. There's more!"  She then brought each of us three scoops of icecream and jello!   Just when I thought there's no way I can eat any more, she brought out two more custard pies.    Really, it was so sweet and generous and kind....but oh my goodness!   Wow!   I can definitely say I felt like a very welcomed guest!    Here's a few pictures....  

after icecream pies and coke

Delicious feast after we already ate!  Warren and I sat in the two chairs there

I should have gotten a pic of the cake before we tore into it.  Here's a post pic

Zoe all crazed up on sugar and caffeine!

balloon wars!