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SE Asia Trip (Chaing Rai, Singapore, Home)

After Chaing Mai, we took an overnight trip to Chaing Rai in northern Thailand.   On the way up, we stopped at a little hot spring and tried boiled duck eggs with fish sauce.  OMG- Yum!  I love fish sauce with eggs!   The drive itself was beautiful.   We hurried to get to the Opium Museum before they closed for the day.   I'm not typically a big museum person, but the Opium Museum was fascinating.  The golden triangle area (Laos, Mynamar, and Thailand's borders meet here) used to be a HUGE growing area for opium.   The museum really showed you the impact of opium on the world throughout history and even now.  I couldn't help but think about the opiate problem right now in the States.    Two tired girls on the trip to the north. Can you see the dog out of the window? Yum!  Duck eggs with fish sauce! Eggs boiled in the hot spring rolled ice cream with cornflakes and honey At the triangle there was a temple and some good scenic spo