SE Asia Trip, part 2 (Days 4/5) Bangkok

Day 4

What a fun feeling to wake up in Bangkok in a fancy hotel with a fabulous breakfast and white fluffy robes.  After a huge buffet breakfast, we made our way to the famous Chatatuk weekend market in a hot pink cab.  (One thing I noticed about Bangkok was how colorful everything was!).    This was a market like nothing I've ever seen before.   It was HUGE.  EXPANSIVE.  CRAZY.  We got there early and planned to just be there for an hour or so.   We were there for 6.5 hours!!!    I never would have dreamed we would have stayed so long!   The deals were amazing.    There was SOOOOO much to look at.   We of course had breaks in the shopping - eating, drinking, getting foot massages, and looking at all of the adorable (pathetic) puppies.   The girls were on a mission to find cute clothes, sunglasses, and high heels.   I really cannot believe the endurance they had.  They never even complained.  We took a tuk-tuk home, which felt like a ride at an amusement park.   After some freshening up and trying on new clothes, we went to a super high roof-top bar for appetizers, walked around the city a bit, and ended up in another HUGE mega-mall to eat dinner and look around.   We got home late and fell into bed.

Day 5

Our flight to Siem Reap was early afternoon so we had time to sleep in (it's amazing what late nights and room darkening shades can do for the kids sleep-in!) and eat another awesome breakfast.    We ate and then took a cab to the airport (where the cab driver tried to rip us off).    I feel like we should have stayed longer in Bangkok as we never saw the Grand Palace or the river.  One more day would have been fine, but I don't know what else I would have given up on the trip to have that day.     It was a whirlwind!

Yummy breakfast!!!  (Congee soup and dim sum)

Andie super happy with her toast with honey comb and cantelope!

honey comb

round two of breakfast....   
Funny story, as I was taking a picture of my breakfast, I saw an Asian lady beside me taking a picture of her "exotic" breakfast as well.  I looked to see what she was eating and she was eating eggs, pancakes, and bacon!  LOL!   To her I guess, that was the yummy American breakfast!

A little bed-head as the girls just woke up, but they loved their kid-sized fluffy white robes!

pink cab to market

so much shopping and so many people!

I love Thai iced tea...

Foot massages (for $3USD) to break up the shopping.  We all LOVED it!

tuk-tuk ride home

Our driver thought this sticker was hilarious.  He kept commenting on the sticker and cracking up...

home to try on fancy outfits!  (That is not a mop head next to Zoe on the floor.  It's her beloved blankie, or what's left of it)

roof-top bar

Cinnabon at the mall!!!

I found this picture in Andie's bag.  She brought Lainie to Asia with her.   So sweet. 

Lots of airport time....

Zoe chose to travel in her new high heel shoes.  (They lasted for about 30 minutes before the flip flops came out of the bag).  


  1. Having a tween boy, I need a no farting sticker too! That's funny (and having been a high school teacher, after lunch....that would have been very handy to have as well!)


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