Happy belated New Year!

We have just gotten back from the trip of a life time in Asia and I'm working on putting together a blog post as a summary, but I still haven't written about New Years, which seems like forever ago now.  

For the new year, we celebrated at one of our most favorite resorts, Leluevia.    As always, it was magical.   What more can you ask for then a swim around the island (twice), family, and good friends.   We rang in the new year with our toes in the sand, a bonfire on the beach, and an awesome Pacific Islander band playing in the background.    It's hard to beat that.    I decided that my resolutions will include incorporating yoga into my weekly exercise routine, doing 10 push-ups without using my knees, making a few more photo books, and continue to work on improving me as a friend, mom, wife, and school counselor.    While 2016 was a rough year (Glen's death, Cyclone Winston, Trump nominated) there were also many highlights (Our trip to the States, my parents and Anne visiting, sports victories for the kids, and just in general the everyday things that make me feel incredibly blessed).   I know how lucky I am and try do not take any days for granted.  

Here are the pics:  

ready for the boat ride

paddleboarding and kayaking aroudn the island.  Zoe is enjoying the ride.  


Until next time Leleuvia!