SE Asia Trip, part 4 Chaing Mai

After Siem Reap we went to Chaing Mai to visit our "Fiji" Sweedish friends who moved their last year.   Originally we were meant to stay with them but they recently moved into a tiny apartment, so instead we stayed a short walk away.    The cab ride from the airport was the first sign that Chaing Mai is very urban as our cab drive took a long time due to traffic.   After we got settled into our room, we went to Ken and Uli's house and were treated to the most amazing appetizers!  Uli really went all out.   It was all delightful, even the Thai green eggs (100 year old eggs).  Ok, so maybe I didn't love the green eggs, but I tried them and thought they were ok.  Afterwards, we walked from her place around town until we found a place with delicious Thai food.  Chaing Mai is so cute!  I can totally see why people love to live there.

The next day we met Uli early(ish) in the morning and she took us to an all American diner!  Now, if we lived in the states, we'd never go to an American diner in Thailand, but because we don't typically get that food, of course we loved it!   Ruebens and blueberry pancakes and bagels and onion rings and strawberry smoothies..... Oh my!  It was all awesome.  

We may have over-ordered just a bit!

excited for his reuben!

Afterwards, we did a little grocery market tour followed by some beautiful temples.  Uli taught the girls some things about Buddhism along the way.  Andie was enthralled.   It was all really, really cool.

mango & sticky rice, one of my most favorite treats

  Afterwards, we went to their old neighborhood and had some coffee at the coolest coffee shop.   The four Passins then went to another temple surrounded by doves.  There were SO SO SO many doves.  The kids loved it, but I was freaked out!   I couldn't stick around for long to feed all of them, but I think the kids will always remember it.

That night, Ken watched all the kids while Uli, Warren, and I went to the night market.  Oh my gosh- we had the BEST food!  It was all so freakin' amazing!  If I lived there I think I would eat there every night.   It was soooo good.  Then, we shopped again.   The night markets are such a cool atmosphere. I loved every minute of it.   We ended with a night cap at Uli's, which actually lasted until 2am.  Good conversation and good friends - love it!

The next morning, Warren and Andie took a cooking class, while Zoe, Ronja, Uli and I went to get massages.   We all met up afterwards for what may be one of the unique experiences I've ever had in my life!   We went to an elephant reserve, Elephant Rescue Park.   It's not good for the elephants to be ridden, so we simply fed them, walked with them,  and bathed them.  At first, everyone was a little nervous but after a while we all warmed right up to those cute little baby elephants.  It was truly incredible.   I LOVED it!  I think we all did.   It was certainly a highlight of the whole trip for the girls.   That night we went to another night market to eat, and went to a rooftop bar to top off the night.  It was a perfect day.   I don't know if I stopped smiling the whole day!

shopping for cooking class

All of their yummy creations below!

Andie, Warren, and their cooking teacher

At the elephant refuge, we all had to wear the same clothes so the elephants knew we were safe


They had fireball there and it was smoking on dry ice!

On Saturday (the next day) we all had a massive sleep in and then went on the most beautiful hike to one of the most peaceful places I've ever been, Wat Pha Lat.  This temple was gorgeous.   It was so serene.   I felt so calm.  I imagine the monks must share that feeling.   Again, pictures don't do it justice.   Afterwards, Warren and Andie went to get their Thai massage while Uli and I ran errands.  We then all met up for some lunch at this very cool little array of shops and restaurants.  That night we went to a beautiful rooftop bar with the tastiest nibbles and cocktails.   We did a final night cap at Uli and Ken's before our trip to Chaing Rai the next day.   That night we said goodbye to Uli as she was headed to Bangkok.   She was seriously the most perfect host!  I am so glad I got to spend time with her in our beautiful world.   She inspires me to travel and think more globally in every aspect.   Feeling fortunate I know her and no doubt we will meet again somewhere in this world of ours!

ready for a night out on the town!

rooftop bar

dance party back home