SE Asia Trip, Part 1 (Days 1 -3)

We just got back from the trip of a lifetime.  The travel bug has bitten me hard!  I want to keep going!  What an incredible trip!  It was so AMAZING!   Where can we go next?!    I cannot say enough about how wonderful the whole thing was!   I know I posted a lot of pictures on Facebook, but just to document it all in one place I'll put a bit here on each day.   I know the only people who will truly be interested is my family, but's gotta be documented somewhere right?!

Day 1
After an overnight flight from Nadi to Singapore (11 hours) we arrived at 5am.  We were all so tired, so we planned a day at Universal Studios to push us through to the nighttime.  It was the right idea!  As soon as we got into Singapore, I noticed how incredibly clean the city is, and how orderly and planned everywhere we went was!   I have never been in a city like this.  It was remarkable really.    After some pho for breakfast, we went straight to Universal Studios.    Of course, it turned out to be a great day.   Who doesn't love roller coasters and 4D movies?  (Well, maybe me.....I'm trying to stay young but I swear the older I get the more motion sick I get on those things!).    Anyway, it was an awesome theme park.  We conquered all of it (thanks to fast pass) in 8 hours.    Rode everything at least once and a few things twice.   SO much fun!

on the way to the transit for theme park



Had to sit this one out for round two.  

Fiona's castle

wet after ride in the Lost World

Day 2
On our second day we walked and walked and walked all over Singapore.    It is such an awesome city.  It really made me miss urban life - museums, gardens, malls, art, playgrounds.    Singapore is expensive, but I can definitely see living there....or any city like it.   It's easy in Singapore because everyone speaks English, it's extreme organization, and the safety.   Some highlights of the day were frozen yogurt, lunch at the gardens, running into two former Peace Corps Volunteers (small world!), and the rain-forest gardens.  After dark, we went to the night safari at the zoo.   Overall a great experience.

The girls loved the robes

Our view from the hotel room

walk around Singapore with some cool art, playgrounds, etc.

caught a sweet moment

You can take the girl out of Fiji, but cannot take Fiji out of the girl! (Barefoot everywhere)

Huge malls!

Fro Yo!

Food court

Super trees in garden

Inside the gardens - very cool

Small world! Running into Tom and Carley!

Felt a little fear of heights up there!

Obligatory Singapore Sling

Uno game before Night Safari

Day 3

After a glorious buffet breakfast full of delicious dim sum and other Asian yummyness, we hopped on the plane to Bangkok.   As soon as we landed in the airport, I knew immediately Bangkok and Singapore are so different!   We got a cab ride to our hotel and it took us a crazy long time because, OMG- SO much traffic.   Also, there are so many mopeds in Bangkok.   When we finally got into the hotel, we checked in but the room wasn't ready yet.  While we waited, the staff brought Warren and I a drink and the kids icecream on liquid nitrogen! They were pleased to say the least.   But what made them even happier is ... we met up with their close friends, Mele and Mau.  They were so close to these girls in Fiji last year before they moved to Thailand.   It was a real joy to meet up with them.  We walked to a HUGE mall where they played inside and then we ate some delicious Thai food and yummy Cold Stone icecream.   It was crazy to be in such a huge mall and really lovely to meet up with our Fiji friends! 

Foot massages in the airport


Face Swap to pass the time while we wait for plane

Chocolate icecream on liquid nitrogen