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The really weird thing about grief is that life continues on all around you...even when you ache and those that you hold closest ache terribly on the moves on.   You just keep moving.  If you are really far away from the ones that hurt the most....really far away from who you REALLY keeps moving.   It cannot almost make everything feel unreal.  It's unreal until it smacks you in the face at inopportune times....  I HATE being away from Warren and his family right now.  That's the hardest thing about living in a place like Fiji.  It's just so far. My parents are still here and that is a very good thing.  If anything, losing Glen has helped me to realize that we should cherish the times with the ones we love.  My kids are LOVING have their Bebe and PapPap here and their presence has probably helped distract them from their shock of losing their PaPa. It's been a while since I posted about my parents trip.   Let's just say we've been