Final Week with Trox-Cap

We just got back from our final week with Tom, Allison, Dalton, and Darcy.   We met them at Musket Cove for four nights of relaxation on the South Pacific.  Tom and I chose this resort because I had heard good things and because it worked for his American Express points.  For the first half of their vacay, I felt a lot of pressure for everything to be perfect (100% self-imposed pressure), but this time I felt we were in it together and didn't worry quite as much.   (Of course I still wanted them to have a great time).  Again, I didn't need to worry.  Not much can go wrong when you are in paradise with good friends (despite the threats of a cyclone the whole time we were there and my stomach virus on New Years Eve).  Allison and I got a few runs in and I was even able to cross her 1500 mile marker for the year with her.  It was incredible. ( I've said it before, but there is just something so special about running friendships.)   On their final night we got a few babysitters and the adults took the bikes out to the neighboring resort, Lomani Island Resort where we saw fire dancers, had cocktails, and enjoyed a really good meal.  Warren's bike got stolen that night, but Allison and I retrieved it on a run the next day!  

During the days we lounged at the beach and pool while the kids swam non-stop.  (It's funny how kids can literally swim for 10 hours straight without getting bored.)   We had a nice island villa so we had a kitchenette and DVD player - perfect for meals and games back at our place in the evenings.    Unfortunately the water was really rough due to the impending cyclone so we couldn't do any of our planned trips off of the island (Cloud 9- floating pizza bar and a village visit for the Trox-Caps).  I actually got sick on New Years Eve, so I missed the party.  From what I hear, it was awesome.  Everyone danced to the DJ on the beach to ring in the new year.  Sometimes I romanticize getting sick and having all this time to myself to lay in bed and read without anyone wanting anything from me....   until it actually happens...especially at a resort on New Years Eve.  I was in terrible pain and would have done anything to be with my friends and family instead of in my hot room without any ventilation.   Thankfully, the bad part was only about a day long so I didn't miss out on everything.  

Now they are on the plane back to the states and my parents are on a plane here.   Whenever I think about the time they visited here, I know I will smile.  I am so grateful to have friends like them.  It was natural and easy and fun.   I'm so pleased Andie and Zoe have friends like Dalton and Darcy too.  They have a very special friendship that began when they were hardly walking.  Dalton was really sad the night before we left and Andie said, "Why?  We are not saying goodbye forever.   We are friends to the end!"  Agreed Andie.  Agreed.  

Kids got a new underwater camera for Christmas from my parents.  They had a lot of fun with it. 

Unfortunately the waterproof part got a little water in it so the pictures got all foggy.  This was from one of our kayak trips.

Allison with Darcy and Zoe on paddleboard.  

New Years Eve Sunset.... (I was in the room)

the kids

my loves

what a sunset


pool time

basket weaving

When the sun was out the water was such a pretty color 
morning run (I don't know why this picture is so big)

bure where we hung out daily

friends to the end.... right before we caught boat...

Zoe was smitten with Dalton.

More pictures soon when Tom sends me his....