If you are on Facebook, you already know my parents are here!!!  They arrived after 2 days of travel and they still had smiles on their faces!  They were smiling and my kids were exuberant!   Everyone was just so happy to see each other.  I think it's a huge deal to come all the way here and I am not taking it for granted.  I am so happy they made the trek!

We started off at The Warwick from Thursday to Sunday.   It's a huge resort with some beautiful views, great kids' activities, and the most active swim up pool bar I've seen since we've moved here.   It was all the way full (mostly Aussies) and it still managed to be a great time.  They put on really cool performances every night (meke, fire dancing, hula dancing) and we had lots of lay around/relaxing time (probably good for the jet lag!)  

While we were there, we went over to our favorite restaurant in Fiji, the Eco-Cafe for the best pizza around.   My parents enjoyed getting a more authentic Fijian experience as the kids got to ride on the owner's horse up and down the beach and into the ocean.  They climbed coconut trees and played in the sunset.  It was really beautiful...for my parents too  

Since they have been in Suva, we've visited the market, hung out a lot at home while contractors worked on our home....and visited the rain-forest (pictures to come).  I think my parents are getting a good feel for our holiday lifestyle.  Tomorrow, work begins for me and next Tuesday school starts for girls.   They will get to see real life then....which thankfully isn't that different!

First day

Mom and I took a morning walk around little island....

Andie LOVES passion fruit!  

Parents took kids out to explore the fish

morning view

We found a perfect place to feed the fish....saw so MANY varieties of fish!!!


black tip reef shark!  ( a tiny one!)

we saw three

First meeting!

Zoë took all of the pictures below....including the model shoot with Andie!

sunset horse ride

Fijian boat

Pineapple lollies at the market

The book with no pictures always brings a laugh!!!!