My kids have been barefoot since Christmas, almost two weeks ago now.  They literally have not worn shoes since Christmas and then on Christmas it was probably only for a few minutes.   They haven't worn shoes for more than a couple of hours since school was in session.  Actually, Zoë really didn't wear her shoes at school either....just to and from school but stayed barefoot while at school.  A lot of kids do.

They both lost their flip flops and remarkably it hasn't really affected us.   We all went to Damador last week (which is similar to a strip mall) and that is when I realized that they don't have shoes.  Oh well.  We couldn't just go we went grocery shopping, ate dinner at a restaurant, and saw a movie...all barefoot!  (Well, I had on my shoes...).     It didn't matter.  We saw plenty of other bare tootsies as well.   Of course at the resort they didn't wear shoes either.   Yes, sometimes I think it's gross when they walk into a public bathroom without shoes...but the freedom their little toes have on a consistent basis makes it all worth it.   When we go home to visit and shoes are actually required...poor girls won't know what hit them!