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My heart is full.

Kathleen and the girls just left.   They are currently on a plane to LA, the first of four flights they will embark in the next 40 hours.   That's love....when a friend will go through all that by herself with three children just to come visit you.   The five weeks here with them was amazing.  We both cried when we said goodbye, just so sad to end this time, and because it was beautiful, and because I will miss her companionship, and because, wow....just how blessed we are to have each know one another since we were six and to love one another and love each other's families.    I love that she knows our life here...truly understands it.  She can picture everything now.  I love that she knows my girls and Warren better than ever before and actually can see my daily joys and frustrations.  I love that I know her girls.   I know that Stella is a gorgeous, empathetic, sweet, poised young lady and Siena is fierce, happy, fun, and strong-willed.   I love that Viv