A letter from the past

So much to report on here in Suva!  I have got to find the time to sit down and write.....  In the mean time, I am looking through old documents for work, and found this letter.  What a flash from the past.  Gosh, how much anguish went into this decision.  It still hurts a little bit that I left Decatur, but after being here, I know we are in the right place for now....

It is extremely difficult for me to write this letter, but I know I will struggle telling you in person and want to make sure it is all written out so you clearly know my feelings.    I have dreamt of being a school counselor for City Schools of Decatur for years. The link to open positions in CSD has been on my favorite toolbar for over five years!  When you all offered me the position, I was ecstatic.  Thus far, the reality of the job closely matches that initial dream.   I am EXTREMELY lucky to work with such amazing principals and staff.  Both Winnona Park and Westchester are beginning to feel like home.  While very different then Gwinnett, I am genuinely loving this population of parents and students.   Given this, it makes what I have to share that much more difficult.
In early 2011, my husband, Warren, decided to apply for a Peace Corps trainer position.   If he was offered this position, this would mean an international move for our family.   Since applying, his name has remained in the bucket for potential positions.  We were offered a position last summer, but my dad’s health at the time was too uncertain to leave the country.  A few months after I was offered the Decatur position (my dream job), Warren told me he was going to remove his name from the candidates for this position (his dream job).   We both agreed this would be best and sincerely felt we would not take any positions internationally.  Literally, less than 48 hours after our conversation, Warren got offered an interview for the Peace Corps Trainer position in Fiji.  (He obviously had not gotten around to removing his name yet).   As a family, we were torn on whether he should even interview given my new employment with you.   Ultimately, we felt he could not pass up this potential opportunity, and we decided he would at least interview so we could more fully contemplate this dilemma.    Well, now, a few weeks later, he has officially been offered the position in Fiji.   While I am distraught about leaving here, we feel we cannot pass on this opportunity in Fiji.   This has been his dream job prospect for as long as I have known him.  
Warren leaves for post on October 20.  I however will be here until the winter holidays. I would be happy to stay as long as you want me.  If you would like to search for someone new immediately, I understand.  If you would like me to stay until December, I can do that too.  I want to do what is best for you in this unfortunate situation.
Please know, I would have never taken this position had I any foresight this would occur.  I truly believed that our name would be withdrawn from the Peace Corps process and we would be settled in Atlanta.  I dreamed of all the school counseling program could accomplish at Westchester and Winonna Park and envisioned myself as a leader in the school counseling field in Decatur.  I saw my children attending CSD and could not imagine a better fit.  
I am so sorry.  I hate to leave you.  I know you have a zillion candidates that are vying for this position, so I believe you all will be perfectly fine; nonetheless, it pains me to leave.   I hope you know that I truly appreciate all that you have done to support me.  I never knew principals could be so involved in the care of their school community.  You both have made me feel at home here.   I am deeply saddened to leave this home.