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Difficult farewell and a new toy

I've said it before and I know I will say it again, besides being so far away from family and friends, the constant goodbyes are the hardest thing about living here.   You make a connection with someone, and then they leave.   It can start to make you want to live in a little hole, where it's better not to make the connections at all.....but then you remember that connections are what keep you going from day to day and really - what life is all about.   As Winnie the Pooh said, "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." Last Friday, Andie's amazing teacher and my dear friend and colleague, Helena, left for Sydney.   This goodbye hit me twice as hard because not only did I grieve for losing my closest friend at work - my go to person, but also mourned for Andie - losing one of the best teachers she's ever had mid-year.  Helena's radiant personality shines through her daily interactions with students and everyone she comes across

Awards, Farewells, Birthdays in paradise, ending with a cleanse

Proud mama moment- on Friday the girls both got awards for swimming - Zoё got the bronze for her relay and she also got a PYP award for being reflective in her learning.  Andie got the gold medal for her 100 meter backstroke.   Nice way to start the day! all the swimmers in Ms. Helena's class  Friday night we had yet another farewell for two of the girls' dearest friends, Teyla and Crystal.  The party was at the Holiday Inn where it's always nice to catch the sunset.   Even though it's getting quite chilly, the kids swam and had a great time.  We will miss their family so much! Saturday morning we woke early to head to Mantanuvusi for Andy's 50th birthday.   It was an adult getaway and it was awesome!   I love that place.   After the hour and half drive there, we started the morning with yoga by this AMAZING tree.    Yoga was followed by delicious lunch, proceeded by a snorkel boat trip where a lion fish, rays, a sea turt