Awards, Farewells, Birthdays in paradise, ending with a cleanse

Proud mama moment- on Friday the girls both got awards for swimming - Zoё got the bronze for her relay and she also got a PYP award for being reflective in her learning.  Andie got the gold medal for her 100 meter backstroke.   Nice way to start the day!

all the swimmers in Ms. Helena's class
 Friday night we had yet another farewell for two of the girls' dearest friends, Teyla and Crystal.  The party was at the Holiday Inn where it's always nice to catch the sunset.   Even though it's getting quite chilly, the kids swam and had a great time.  We will miss their family so much!

Saturday morning we woke early to head to Mantanuvusi for Andy's 50th birthday.   It was an adult getaway and it was awesome!   I love that place.   After the hour and half drive there, we started the morning with yoga by this AMAZING tree.    Yoga was followed by delicious lunch, proceeded by a snorkel boat trip where a lion fish, rays, a sea turtle, and a lazy, sleeping leopard shark were spotted!  The leopard shark is friendly and I think it may be one of the coolest things I've ever seen in the water!  It's definitely the biggest thing.  It was bigger than Warren.   It was truly beautiful.  

After a nice hot tub with some sparkly, we all get dressed and relaxed on the deck right next to the water.  The deck was strewn with white lights and the champagne flowed to celebrate Andy's awesome 50 years.   At one point, I just had to acknowledge the constant sea breeze on my face and remind myself not to take anything for granted.   It was the most lovely evening - spent with great friends, music, food, and dancing by the sea.  

The next day we started off the morning with a little detox yoga and then had another amazing snorkel.   At one point, I was so cold that I got back into the boat.   Right then, a few of the guys saw two sharks, one leopard shark and one reef shark.    Three years ago, I would have never imagined jumping back into the water to catch a glimpse of the sharks, but this weekend I did just that!   I didn't end up seeing the sharks, but wow....what a difference living in the Pacific has been.  Of course, these sharks are friendly so that helps! Never would I jump back in the water to see a bull shark!

yoga by the tree

afternoon relaxing

I loved that you could see the palm trees in Warren's glasses!

birthday boy!

Liz gave a nice toast
Happy me - the water was amazing

The week has been normal since then.   Today Andie told me she was a teenager now so I should just expect her to act like one.  Yesterday she dressed up as a superhero and painted.   Talk about wavering between a kid and a tween.   Love seeing her dressed up like this!

For the past two days I've been doing a cleanse - raw food only - just fruits and veggies and a few almonds.  I'm hungry but I feel good.  One day left.   I've had support and some great dishes along the way!

Clearly, I am alone in this cleanse as my kids are still eating blue popsicles!

Tonight was the school's production, Welcome to Wonderland!  It was fun!  Here are Andie and her friend and her brother post show.   Tomorrow, another farewell - a hard one.  More on that later.  Off to bed!