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Sota Tale Margot and family....

It's that time again.  Time for another brutal farewell.    I am sometimes surprised that I continue to have such tough farewells.  After a while, you'd think it would get easier.   After Wendy's last year, I didn't think another one could be as tough.....but here we go again. Except, now, I'm learning that even though these goodbyes (see you later's) are so hard, they are good too.  I'm so thankful that I've had these people in my life because they've all changed me for the better.  They've allowed me to grow into who I am. That's definitely the case with Margot.   Margot moves to Addis, Ethiopia next week.   We leave for vacation this week so Friday is the last day I will have with her for some time.   I know with Margot I will see her again.  I can feel it.   Nonetheless, it's sad. It's sad happy because Margot has helped shape me into a better person.  From the first time I spoke to her at book club, I knew I liked her. I

Primary Concert

Tonight was the primary concert.  I love this show every year.  The kids and teachers put so much work into this!  I absolutely love the results! Here are the pics and videos of the kids (mostly for grandparents).   I wish I had the video of the teachers too.  Let's just say, I made a fool of myself, but I think the kids liked it.  Maybe I'm glad I don't have the video! I have to say my kids did so well!  ZoĆ« knew every move and smiled the whole time.  Andie was such a great dancer and so confident in her costume.  I loved it!!!!   Enjoy. '


One of the things I love about Thanksgiving is traditions.  When I was young the tradition always included watching the Macy's Day parade and waiting for Santa Claus.   When I was in college, the tradition included a late Wednesday night out with old high school friends and then barely getting up in time to see Santa.  For at least the past 10 or so years, the tradition has been to wake up early and run a turkey trot - usually getting home in time to catch the end of the parade.   The trot has either been a half marathon in Atlanta or a 10k around the beautiful U of R, or just a short run on the sea wall in Fiji.  This year, Margot and I ran 15 kilometers out and around Suva.  It was the perfect start to my Thanksgiving.   I am so grateful for Margot's friendship and Fiji scenery and for my health - a body that even though it's aging can carry me that far.   It was the perfect start to a beautiful day.  After our run, we had a lovely champagne French brunch with the