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Other than catching some crazy head cold, it's been a good week.  Thanksgiving was relaxed.  The girls stayed home from school and just had a lazy morning playing games with Amma.   We then went to one of the embassy houses to enjoy a HUGE feast.   Yummy.  We ate far too much and had a nice time.  That night we kept up a Thanksgiving tradition in my house...and went to see Moana in the theater.  It was SO good!  We all loved it.  How cool to have a South Pacific princess...except she isn't even really a princess, but a warrior - which makes it even cooler.   The soundtrack is amazing!   The girls danced on stage until the final credits.   It was fun to see in Fiji and will always remind me of our time here.  The game of Life to get Thanksgiving rolling playing on her own in playroom part of the meal before the aluminum foil came off...I wasn't quick enough to get any food shots before people started digging in. Not our typical Stateside Thankgivi

Eventful week

This week has been full of events, the biggest one being Anne has arrived!   I don't have pictures yet but promise to remedy that soon.     In the past week, I've attended fifth grade graduation, a gymnastics competition, hosted several playdates (including a sleepover), attended the Roberston farewell party and three birthday parties!  Also, last night was the primary concert.  (Throw in a couple of Thanksgiving meals and we've been busy people)!   Busy is probably good so I can ignore the impending grief of the Robertson family move.   Gosh....I'm gonna miss them. We all are.   Good news- ZoĆ« got the GOLD medal in gymnastics!!!  She placed first out of tons of kids! So proud of her!!!!    Andie also did well and received a red ribbon - which is awesome.  Just so proud of their courage to get out there and perform.    Super brave and talented!    Wendy and Isla- graduation! Toby and Isla sweet photo of Natalia and Lisa during graduation