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Third Culture Kids

I read an article lately about third culture kids,  —children of expatriates, missionaries, military personnel, and others who live outside their passport country.  Most have unique issues with personal development and identity according to the experts ( Third Culture Kids ).    I know my own kids are only on their first post, and it is extremely likely that this will be their only post before we move back home to stay....but a lot of the issues still pertain to them.   After I read the article, I cried.   Not just a tear here or there rolling down my cheek, but a snotty nose, catch my breath kind of cry.  I am not sure why it affected me this way...but it did.   The author, Rachel Pieh Jones  really hits it spot on.... Here you go...   15 Things I Want to Tell My Third Culture Kids . I've cut and paste it here from Rachel Pieh Jone's website.... 15 Things I Want to Tell My Third Culture Kids I get to visit two of our  Third Culture Kids  in four days. And then in


The girls are off of school for the next two weeks for a break.   (They go to school year round and have extended breaks).    We decided to get away fro the weekend to Naigani Beach Resort.  ( )   We looked into several places and it turned out that Naigani was the cheapest and probably most what we were looking for.   I was not sure how our trip would turn out because when I called to book the room, no one answered.   Someone called me back saying, "I just missed your call."   I inquired, "Is this the Naigani Island Resort?"   The man replied, "Yes, can you call me back?  I am almost out of credit."   (This sort of thing happens a lot here when you communicate via phone with Fijians).   Despite how common this is....I questioned whether the resort would be as accommodating as we would like.   My first impression from the phone was wrong.  This place provided such a relaxing, fun-filled, secluded, quality family time.....