The time change

In the states, they recently changed their time, springing forward one hour.  Every time there is a new time change it confuses all of my family and friends regarding our time differences.  I understand because it totally confuses me too!   So....let's see if we can get this straight.  Right now Fiji is 16 hours ahead of the east coast in the states.  For me, 16 hours ahead is hard to compute.  It is easier to think that we are 8 hours behind, one day ahead.   So... if it is 8pm there, it is 12 noon here...just one day ahead.   (I do the reverse here, knowing that the east coast is 8 hours ahead, one day behind).  

Now, here's where it gets tricky.  Every time one of the countries participates in the time changes with daylight savings time, that changes.   So, just recently when the states changed, we went from being 17 hours apart, to 16 hours apart.   But....even though we are closer in time, we actually feel further apart because before Fiji was 7 hours behind, one day ahead (17 hours apart).   Now, we are 8 hours behind, one day ahead (16 hours apart).   Now, when it's noon here, it's 8pm there instead of 7 pm.    

Fiji has a very brief daylight savings time from around November 1 to January 18.  During this time, the east coast of the states and Fiji are 18 hours apart.    This means if you are in Atlanta, you are 6 hours ahead, one day behind.   So, if I were to call you at 12 my time, it would only be 6:00 your time (a day before).    

As a result of all the daylight savings time, Fiji and the east coast of the USA are anywhere between 16-18 hours apart, resulting in us being one day ahead and either 6, 7, or 8 hours behind in the day.   Confused yet???!  You can always google to find out what time it is here if you are curious!