I think I've mentioned that the eggs here are so delicious.  They taste incredibly fresh and the yolks are a little bit brighter.   In the states, I never had a double yolk egg.  I saw people post pictures of them on facebook, but for some reason I never have cracked one open myself.... until now.   This most recent batch of eggs have ALL been double yolks!  There are twenty eggs in the carton, and the 14 that I've opened so far...all double yolks.   I have no idea why double yolks happen...especially all in one carton but I've been in awe.   Pretty cool.

P.S.   It was easier not to miss home when all the winter/snowy pictures were all over facebook.  Now that spring has sprung and I get to see everyone in their short sleeves with pants or long sleeves and shorts... I miss those chilly mornings and warm afternoons.   I miss the energy with spring.   I think spring and fall will be the hardest seasons for me to miss.

Andie's egg this morning
Zoe's egg this morning

How many left will also be double yolks??


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