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I am so far behind in blogging!  I think about writing all of the time.  My mind is always sorting through things....thinking, "I can write about this."   Somehow, even though I am not working, I am busy.   It's been difficult to find the time to sit down and write....but I do crave writing about life here.  It's like I am able to clear my mind once the thoughts flow from my brain to my hands to the "paper".
This past week has been great.  First and foremost, things with Andie are better.   Thank you SO much to everyone who reached out to me and Andie.    It's pretty amazing to know that people care so much.  It immensely softened the blow last week.    This week she hasn't asked once to move back to Atlanta!   The teacher took care of the bullying situation and from what I can tell it's gotten better.   We talked the situation to death and she's had a few fun play dates and generally seems to be in a good groove again.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me, just seeing her current content.  I know of course there will always be  more heartache on the horizon, but we can deal with that when we get to it.   Right now, all is good!   (Oh, except the LICE have returned in full force.  We are back to daily combings and treatments.  Seine is still helping out which is HUGE, but we cannot leave it to once a week).

Last week the Embassy and the American Women's Association put on an Easter egg hunt for the kids.   The kids loved it and we got some cute pictures.   Unfortunately Warren had to miss the hunt because he was working on certification for diving...which is so exciting for him.   It will have to be a hobby he enjoys without me though because the thought of swimming that deep underwater makes my ears hurt and shortens my breath just thinking about it.

Easter bunny!

Saturday night I went to a fashion show with my friend, Uli.  Uli is a hair stylist and cosmetologist so she always has a great sense of style.  She talked me into putting on fake eyelashes before we went out, so I felt very dolled up.  I almost felt like a different I was wearing a mask or something.  Isn't it funny how such a little thing can change the way I feel?   It was fun!   The fashion show was interesting too.  It was about 10 minutes long, but we had a sit down traditional Fijian dinner (lovo) and a few drinks too.   Overall, it was a unique, enjoyable experience.     Sunday night we had friends over for dinner .... enjoyed great company, conversation, and food once again.

Selfie in the bathroom to show my girlfriends at home the eyelashes.   Lol. 

Monday morning, I went to the PTFA's book club.  This month we read a book about the 5 different love languages for children.  It was interesting and a good book club discussion.   It's an interesting perspective to think of the different ways we give and receive love, particularly with our children.  What was more interesting was our conversation afterwards.   Our group consisted of 3 Australian moms, one Korean mom and me.   After discussing our favorite television shows, we moved on to religion and guns.   I learned that (according to the women there) that in Australia it is not the norm to go to church and talk about God.   It's different from the southern states in that in Australia you are considered odd if you do talk about God/religion/church whereas in Georgia, people discuss it all the time.  (In Fiji too).    One mom told me that Australians think it's weird when politicians or actors or musicians thank God in public ceremonies/award shows.   That would never happen there.   I had no idea.     On to guns....   there is an image of Americans around the world...that we all own guns.   Many are afraid to visit the USA given the violent gun situation.  They asked me how many of my friends had guns, and honestly I had to say about 1/3 of them.  Later, checking on google....  I was right.   It seems that about 37% of Americans claim to have guns, so given the amount of people/criminals who have them and do not claim them...I wonder if it's close to 50%.   The book club was in awe.  None of them knew anyone with guns and in Korea the police do not even carry guns.  Only some Australian police carry guns and gun violence in Australia is minimal...most of it occurring in Sydney...but it's such a small fraction of the gun violence in the states.  Here in Fiji there are NO guns.   The group found it odd that America is such a Christian country but so full of guns.

On another note....we got some amazing bananas from our back yard!  We froze nearly half of them and have given the rest away.  Banana smoothies for eternity!!!

Tuesday night the first grade at Andie's school had a family night.  There were family quizzes, a potluck dinner, loud music, dancing and tons of smiles.   It was a nice way to celebrate the international school community and one of those moments where I felt happy that my kids are part of it all.

Yesterday the US embassy nurses gave any interested families a tour of the hospitals and clinics in the area.   We first went to the public hospital (nationalized health care here) and then to the private hospital.   The public hospital is absolutely where you want to go if you are in a life and death emergency.  It has the best equipment and doctors.  The private hospital reminds me more of a hospital in the United States while the public one has much more of an underdeveloped feel to it.  The same doctors work at both.  Apparently the system is a complex one, where doctors have to give part of their time to the public health care system.   When I walked into the intensive care holding unit, I was short of breath...remembering Warren's accident.   Funny how those things creep up on you like that.  I don't think I felt normal again for almost an hour.   Regardless, I am so glad that I know where everything is now...and what to do in a true emergency.

Public Hospital

On another note, our boat shipment came in today.  OH MY GOODNESS!  It's too much stuff.  We've been fine without it until now.  Our house used to be light and airy, and now it's way too full of stuff.   I need to give away at least 30% of this stuff.   And....I gave away SO much before we even moved.   Why on earth did I think we needed all of this???    I need to keep this mindset and give away stuff now, and make it a goal to take back less, WAY LESS, when we move back.   I mean, do the kids really need THIS many toys???   There are many things I am grateful to have (our spices, my good goggles, paint for the kids, our pictures....) but so much more that it unnecessary.  I haven't even begun to unpack.  That will be a whole post in itself.  Wish me luck!
(By the way, the girls are ecstatic with their toys!)

And, finally, its been a (little) while since I posted a sunset photo. Here's a zillion from our porch. 


  1. Oh my gosh your eyelashes look AMAZING!!! I need to get a pair!

    And I swear I do not know a single friend who has a gun.

    1. Thanks Yael! don't know anyone with a gun? I guess it's because of the southern thing for me...


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