Indulgent weekend

This weekend started off really nicely.   On Friday, Warren and I attended the morning assembly at the girls' school.   Andie wrote a book on caring and got to read it in front of the whole school.   It was really sweet and of course, we were very proud parents.  Once again, I was moved to tears during the Fijian national anthem, the school song, and the friendship song by Bruno Mars (You can Count on Me).  There is something so beautiful about a group of kids singing acapella, harmonizing like you wouldn't imagine.  I am pretty sure I saw Warren blinking back some tears too, but maybe it was just sweat...because it was HOT.   Warren took some really cute videos, so I'll try to post them soon.

After the assembly, I dropped Warren off at work.  Because we are now a one car family, Warren and I actually spend a lot more time together (one car being only one of the many reasons we are spending more time together).   It's kind of fun.  I frequently drop him off or pick him up from work, which allows those few extra minutes.  It's nice not to always be driving around in our separate cars by ourselves.  I remember when I returned home from the Peace Corps umpteen years ago, one of the big reverse culture shocks for me was how much time everyone spent in their own, individual cars with their air conditioning/heat and windows up.   It felt completely isolating.  Since then, I've totally gotten used to that again, but this change is good.  

Like I've mentioned before, one of the big perks of Warren's job is his insurance benefits.  We get 40 massages a year under this insurance!!!  I am still in disbelief about this benefit.  As a result, we've both been getting massages about once a week.    It's amazing.  Usually we got to this Thai massage place, U-Sabai.   I now have a favorite massage therapist, Saow.   Typically, I choose the Thai massage, where they put you in loose fitting pajamas and do a lot of stretching and pressure over the clothes.   This time, I went for a typical massage.   I had been warned that frequently Thai therapists massage everything, but keep it professional.   (There are several places here that anyone could accidentally pop into that are NOT professional.   Let's just say, you could get more than you bargain for with some places).   My massage place is not shady at all.   Regardless, it was such a relaxing massage and just as I was dozing off to sleep, Saow just lowered the towel and started to massage my stomach.  It was sort of weird, but felt ok.   I was definitely awake at that point.    I kept wondering, "What is next?"   Well, I didn't have to wait long, because she then massaged my breasts....almost similar to a breast exam.  I am so immature; I was trying not to crack up the whole time because I was just not expecting it.  It was brief and again, totally professional.   Next my face, neck, scalp, etc.  I've since confirmed with other ex-pats that she does that in all of her oil massages, just like any other body part.  Maybe Americans are just very we just don't expect those things.   I will definitely go back to Saow, and I will probably get an oil massage again...  but mostly I think I'll go for the Thai massages.   If you've never had one, you are missing out!   

After the massage, I went to yoga.   I know, it's so crazy self-indulgent to get a massage and go to yoga in the same day.  I actually felt pretty guilty about it.   I kept thinking, I should go read a book or clean the house, or do something more productive.   It was so enjoyable, but really.... should I indulge that much?  It seems pretty selfish.   But, that said, I did it and it was really nice, despite the guilt.   After yoga, the girls had a play date with two sisters from Tonga.  I picked them up from school and stressed the whole time that they were not all properly buckled in.  Kids here really don't ride in car seats, or even use seat belts from what I can tell.  I've seen so many kids standing in between seats or mom's just holding babies in their laps.   I'm not comfortable with it and still feel uncomfortable when we are in cabs, especially when they don't have seat belts (the majority don't).

Fun Playdate

Post play-date, I picked Warren up from his massage.  We had a happy hour on our porch with some friends, watched the sunset, then took a cab to the Australian High Commission for their bar night.  It was a ton of fun.  I realized that I am getting to know more people than even one month ago when I knew so few at the same bar night function.    Suva is so small; you run into the same people at every function so one is bound to make friends.  Afterwards, some friends came back to our house and eventually I went to bed feeling blessed that I had such a good Friday...boob massage and all!   

The rest of this weekend was also delightful.   We went to some new friend's house that are originally from Sweeden, moved to Austrailia and now are here.   Uli and Ken were great hosts.  We all enjoyed hours of good food, wine, and conversation while we sat outside looking the beautiful backdrop we live in.    It was another moment where I felt like we will be ok here.   Afterwards, Warren and I went out for a date night  We were so tired from the night before that we just got Chinese food and came home early.   Unfortunately, the kids took total advantage of the babysitter.  They were literally jumping off of the sofas when we walked in (their bedtime was an hour before).   They had eaten gobs of chocolate and ice cream and were no where close to being in bed.   Any parents reading this know it's the worst when you go out on a date and come home to your children being awake and crazy.  Finally they went to bed, which was good...because my alarm was set for 4:45 a.m. for the next morning.

Wendy and I have been running twice a week at the crack of dawn (really before the crack of dawn).  We've been doing one short run a week and a long run on the weekend.    My favorite part of the run is jumping in her pool, post-run.   It's kind of funny because it's like we don't even speak the same language when it comes to running.   For instance, today she said we had to run 13 km.  I had no idea how far that was because I think in miles.   (It's 8.1 miles by the way).   We also cannot communicate well about our pace because she thinks in min/km while I think in min/miles.   We can agree that we are going slow...but it's ok because the heat is crazy and we are just glad we are covering the miles/kilometers and having good conversation along the way.

After the run, we had a lazy Sunday working on puzzles, playing with our new app, and just relaxing.  Check out the funny videos we made today with the new app, Dubsmash.  My kids were entertained for a long time with it...  and I have to admit, I kept giggling too!  Also, notice Andie's missing her two front teeth!  The tooth fairy visited last night, and even though she didn't get the $8 she asked for, she was pleased!

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth

We went for "NY pizza" today. It's not like NY pizza at all, but good nonetheless.

bananas in the back yard

Warren cutting down one of the trees for the ripe bananas.

My friends on What's app sent similiar videos of themselves and their kids all throughout the day.  Here's one of my favorites!   (Thanks Susan!)


  1. ROFL!!! Ain't nobody got time for dat! The boob massage would have KILLED me and I'm a lesbo! And the ONLY thing you did wrong was massage BEFORE yoga ... Next time, yoga to warm up the muscles and work them out and then massage after to work out the kinks and tension. I do it all the time and I work 50+/hours a week. Self-care is super productive, not lazy!


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