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Somehow I found myself doing a triathlon yesterday.   I hadn't been on my bike in one year and had only swam a handful of times since January.   Margot was doing it and talked me into with the reasoning, "Why not?".   I kept trying to talk myself out of it, but didn't really have any good reasons not to do it - except for my nerves.  Luckily, it's so laid back and small here so the nerves weren't too bad either.      Anyway, it was awesome and I am glad I did it.  I am now a SILVER medalist in the Fiji Nationals Triathlon Championship.      And, well, I was also last, but that's just semantics right?   I mean, I was dead last.  They were picking up the cones after me...just waiting for me to get pass the cone and then immediately picking them up when I passed.  It's only a little humiliating - but not so much so that I wouldn't do it again.    We swam 750 km in the ocean (although I think I swam more as they had to whistle at me for going WAY off

The week

All of these photos have already been well documented on Facebook, so I'll put on blog just for the sake of one day when I make all these blog posts into a book I'll have the highlights of this week included.    I climbed Mt. Koro on Saturday for a good cause - funds to fight breast cancer.   It was an awesome climb once again - came back sore, tired, muddy, and happy.    Then we drove up to Pacific Harbour for the day to play on the beach.  It was lovely.    The kids had birthday parties, play dates, and sleepovers all weekend so they were very happy.    This week has been cold and rainy, but it's been ok as we've all been really busy with work and school.   It's been a normal week - and normal is great here so we are happy.   🌝 at the top! Coffee shop in Pacific Harbour - cheesy, I know! I absolutely love the writing Zoё did this week at home.   Translation just in case: Zoё 's life:   When I was born I was cute

Happy 9th birthday Andie

Dearest Andie,     9!  9! NINE!   Oh my gosh, it just hit me - this is your last year in the single digits.  Oh my gosh!  Wow.   On one hand, I want to put a brick on your head and keep you at this age forever, but on the other, I'm loving watching you grow!   You have matured so much and are turning into the most delightful, unique, fearless girl!  I can only image all that you will accomplish as you grow into a young lady.    This year once again you received the risk taker award at school.  I congratulated you and you said, "Ya, I get it every year.  It's no big deal."   You are such a risk taker that you don't even realize how awesome it is that you come by it naturally.   You truly are fearless in so many ways!  You perform, you make friends everywhere, you jump in head first and whole wholeheartedly.   Everyone knows you because your personality shines through in everything that you do!   When we went to the Doubletree as a goodbye weekend for Lain

Far away from the hate

I’ve been feeling far away and disconnected from home.  Not from my family or friends, but just cannot believe what has happened 45 minutes away from where I grew up.   Actually, I can believe it and I’m not even that surprised by it.   It’s just so sad and disgusting and hateful.  I find myself reading Facebook with  my mouth open in disgust at the amount of hate in comments.   The good thing is that as a result, I am finding myself in conversations about race among friends and even with my husband, as we all challenge each other's beliefs and once again remind each other of the white privilege we benefit from.  Things feel bad.   I'm lucky because it's not in my face every day.  I'm privileged because I can choose when to have these conversations instead of living with hatred and fear in my daily life.   I don't know what the answer is except to keep talking - to keep educating myself- to keep listening.    I do know I'm grateful I'm not at "home&quo

Andie mama daughter day

The time finally arrived for Andie and I to have the inaugural annual mother daughter day.    She's patiently waited for the day which has been pushed back for various reasons, but it finally came!   We started the morning at Governor's to eat a yummy breakfast.   We tried to ignore the gardener mowing the lawn right next to our brekkie, and we were mildly successful.  (By the way, to mow lawns here, gardeners use a little weed wacker for the whole yard!)   We had some great talks over breakfast and lots of cuddle time as we ended up sitting on the same side of the table. We then went to see Little Big Foot at the movies, where Andie got spoiled with popcorn, powerade, and a choco-top!    Afterwards, we walked over to Happy Feet for a foot massage.    This place does great foot massages, but I know for a fact if you go into the back for a full body massage, you may get offered more than you expected.   However, up front, is totally legit.  You sit in