The week

All of these photos have already been well documented on Facebook, so I'll put on blog just for the sake of one day when I make all these blog posts into a book I'll have the highlights of this week included.   

I climbed Mt. Koro on Saturday for a good cause - funds to fight breast cancer.   It was an awesome climb once again - came back sore, tired, muddy, and happy.    Then we drove up to Pacific Harbour for the day to play on the beach.  It was lovely.    The kids had birthday parties, play dates, and sleepovers all weekend so they were very happy.    This week has been cold and rainy, but it's been ok as we've all been really busy with work and school.  

It's been a normal week - and normal is great here so we are happy.   🌝

at the top!

Coffee shop in Pacific Harbour - cheesy, I know!

I absolutely love the writing Zoё did this week at home.   Translation just in case:

Zoё 's life:   When I was born I was cute.  When I was six I visit 5 countries.  It was USA then Fiji then Sinagapore, Thailand, and Cambodia.  In Singapore we went to a amusement park and in Thailand we saw elephants and we saw our friends. And in Cambodia we saw floating villages and we went on a boat to see it and I liked it a lot and it was fun.  

Andie's life:  When my sister was a baby she looked cute and her best friend was Reid and her other friend was Lainie and she been to 5 countries.  She been to USA, Fiji, and Singapore and Thailand and Cambodia.  And it was fun for her.  And she liked it a lot.

This year she'll be able to add New Zealand to that list!!!  Cannot wait!